The Prague Summer Theatre School


Presenting Performance

Immerse yourself in three fundamental authorial and alternative theatre forms: authorial performance, devising site-specific theatre, and puppet theatre, each with a different teacher.

During the first two weeks, you will try each component three times meeting with students of the Authorial Performance, Devising Site Specific Theatre, and Crafting and Performing Puppets courses. At the end of the second week, you choose one of the three subjects to focus on exclusively during the third week join one of these courses. See below for a detailed description of each component and the course descriptions for the Authorial Performance, Devising Site-Specific Theatre, and Crafting and Performing Puppets courses.

This course is ideal for students who are seeking a general introduction to theatre and performance and a rich sample of what DAMU has to offer. Presenting Performance and Enlivening the Performer are separate courses that have been designed to complement each other. You may enroll in one course, but students are encouraged to take both.

Students work toward a final performance at the end of the third week in their chosen component.


June 9th to June 27th 2014. You may also enroll in Enlivening the Performer and any Three-Day Intensive. You will need to spend time independently or with other students outside of class doing work for this course.

Component A - Authorial Performance

Explore authorial performance, an improvisational approach to devising solo and group performances, and create an open performance.

During this course we will explore the following questions: What is authorship and creativity and what does it mean to be an author, a creator? How does one discover and cultivate personal themes? How can we share them in a performance situation with the self fully and authentically present? What sort of psychophysical fitness does that require? How can we study and develop such a preparedness? Beyond the personal, what is the social, political, and pedagogical significance of our work?

You will primarily work "on the floorboards": solo, pair and group open improvisation exercises exploring:

  • spontaneity, expressivity (including vocal expressivity) and authentic presence
  • psychosomatic awareness (e.g., Feldenkrais)
  • being a partner to yourself and others
  • discovering and communicating personal themes
  • understanding basic dramaturgical and directorial performance principles.

We will also reflect on through some readings and discussions, important to developing dramaturgical and directorial viewpoints.

The course will also involve practicing (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner. (For more information about (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner, its creator, and how it is studied, please click here.)

Students who chose this component for the third week will work with the Authorial Performance course and work toward an open class/performance. The experience, knowledge, and skills gained from this course will prepare you for to further develop authorial performances and enrich your acting and performance capabilities.


Alexander Komlosi MFA, Ph.D.

Alex is also teaching Authorial Performance through (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner, the (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner component of Enlivening the Performer and is leading the Three-Day Intensive (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner for Intermediate Students.

Component B - Devising Site-Specific Theatre

Create a devised, site-specific performance in Prague.

During this three-week workshop, you will learn to see the potential performative, scenographic, and theatrical elements in various indoor and outdoor spaces. You will explore working in non-theatrical spaces, taking advantage of alternative performance approaches (e.g., site-specific, interactive theater, invisible theater, etc.) You will also practice different ways to use your body, voice and text performatively in these spaces (e.g., composition exercises), and to deepen your understanding of the rich thematic material around you. We will devise a site-specific performance, which we will present at the end of the course.

The experience, knowledge, and skills gained from this course will give you a firm foundation for further creative explorations in devised site-specific work.

Students who chose this component for the third week will work with the Devising Site Specific Theatre course.


Howard Lotker, MFA

Dragan Stojcevski, MFA

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Component c - Crafting and Performing Puppets

Craft your own puppet and create a puppet performance.

In this course, you will learn how to create and animate puppets, a process analogous to starting a new puppet company. We will create puppets as well as the other necessary elements for a performance. The goal is to create a short performance with the puppets made during the course.

Students who chose this component for the third week will join the Crafting and Performing Puppets course to create a short performance with the puppets made during the course.


Doc. Karel Vostarek, MFA

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Photos: Puppetry Presentation PSTS 2011.