The Prague Summer Theatre School


Devising Site-Specific Performance

Create a devised, site-specific performance in Prague.

During this three-week workshop, you will learn to see the potential performative, scenographic, and theatrical elements in various indoor and outdoor spaces. You will explore working in non-theatrical spaces, taking advantage of alternative performance approaches (e.g., site-specific, interactive theater, invisible theater, etc.) You will also practice different ways to use your body, voice and text performatively in these spaces (e.g., composition exercises), and to deepen your understanding of the rich thematic material around you. We will devise a site-specific performance, which we will present at the end of the course.

The experience, knowledge, and skills gained from this course will give you a firm foundation for further creative explorations in devised site-specific work.


June 9th to June 27th 2014. You may also enroll in Enlivening the Performer and any Three-Day Intensive. You will need to spend time independently or with other students outside of class doing work for this course.


Howard Lotker, MFA, is an American performer, director, and a teacher living in Prague. He received his MFA studying under Ivan Vyskočil at the Department of Authorial Creation and Education at DAMU, where he also teaches (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner. He directs the critically acclaimed DoMA/at home, a site specific meta-theatre performance project which takes place in a different apartment every time, and is completely reworked each time to reflect the lives of the owners of the apartment. DoMA/at home won the Next Wave award for "Project/Performance of the Year" in alternative theatre in the Czech Republic in 2006. Howard is a founding artistic director of HoME theater company and he has directed, produced or performed in all of its productions. HoME's experimental and interactive performances have been seen in theaters, streets, in closed factories and apartments throughout Europe, in the U.S., Mexico, and beyond. He is Head of Performance for DAMU's new emphasis on Theatrical Creation in Non-traditional Spaces — Art of Place (DTNP —UMM). He has given workshops in site-specific theater and IwIP at Yale, Columbia University (USA), UVA UNAM (MX), and the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem (IL), among others. In Prague he has collaborated with creators and groups like KREPSKO, Krištof Kintera, Jan Nebeský, Stage Code, 4+4 Days in Motion. Howard is also teaching the site-specific component of Presenting Performance and will co-lead some (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner classes.

Dragan Stojcevski, MFA, is stage designer and visual artists. He is originally from Serbia. He now lives and works in Prague. He graduated from DAMU’s Department of Stage Design, where he is now pursing a Ph.D. He also studied at the Academy of Fine arts in Prague under Czech artist Vladimir Kokolia for one year.
In addition to creating stage design for theater, he has made a number installation and artistic interventions in various public spaces. He is currently focused on creating site-specific projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. His projects have been in archaeological sites, museums, in abandoned industrial zones and rural environments. Examples of his work include: “IN SpITE OF FIRE” an installation in an abandoned archeological site in Belgrade, Serbia; a performaance in a desolated industrial area in Kladno, Czech Republic "Kladno +- Záporno"; and a guided tour of an abandoned famous historical restaurant in Barrandov from the 1930s in Prague "On Barrandov!".
He is interested in experimenting with various ways of finding a better understanding of the past /memory of the specific space and finding new value in a given space. Since 2007, he has been playing the accordion with the Mamapapa band, and creating stage music. He is also a member of the IconOrchestra, which provides live accompaniment to silent films and theatrical performances.
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Dragan is also teaching the site-specific component of Presenting Performance.

Photos: Devised Site-­Specific PSTS 2011 (top); Devised Site-­Specific Performance PSTS 2013 (bottom).