The Prague Summer Theatre School


Authorial performance

Explore authorial performance, an improvisational approach to devising solo and group performances, and create an open performance.

During this three-week course we will explore the following questions: What is authorship and creativity and what does it mean to be an author, a creator? How does one discover and cultivate personal themes? How can we share them in a performance situation with the self fully and authentically present? What sort of psychophysical fitness does that require? How can we study and develop such a preparedness? Beyond the personal, what is the social, political, and pedagogical significance of our work?

You will primarily work "on the floorboards": solo, pair and group open improvisation exercises exploring:

  • spontaneity, expressivity (including vocal expressivity) and authentic presence
  • psychosomatic awareness
  • being a partner to yourself and others
  • discovering and communicating personal themes
  • understanding basic dramaturgical and directorial performance principles

We will spend some time on readings and discussions, which is important to developing dramaturgical and directorial viewpoints.

The course will also involve practicing (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner. (For more information about (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner, its creator, and how it is studied, please click here.)

At the end of the course, we will share what we have discovered with the public through an open performance. The experience, knowledge, and skills gained from this course will prepare you for to further develop authorial performances and enrich your acting and performance capabilities.

This course is for students who are willing to take the risks involved in personal creative development using all aspects of their self (voice, bodymind); assume responsibility for the meaning and effect of what they share with others through performance; are interested in collaborating on developing creative communication; and would like to discover the pleasure of performing. We welcome students of acting as well as all people who "act," "do" and "perform" in front of others in their professional or every day lives (teachers, social workers, doctors) and individuals in other creative fields (e.g., film, visual arts, philosophy).


June 9th to June 27th 2014. You may also enroll in Enlivening the Performer and any Three-Day Intensive. You will need to spend time independently or with other students outside of class doing work for this course.


Alexander Komlosi, MFA, Ph.D., a Czech-American authorial actor, director, researcher and teacher. He has performed internationally including the Sandra Gering Gallery (NYC), the Hunter Mountain Culture Festival, University of Boulder Colorado, Bates College (USA); Theatre on the Balustrade, Prague Quadrennial 2003,7,11 (CZ); Théâtre Toursky, Opera of Dijon (France); Wroclaw's International Festival of One-Man Theatre (PL), Kiasma Theatre (FIN). His solo and group theatre projects (e.g., The Office of the Professional Human Being; Laska is Love, Love je Láska) have received grants in the USA, Czech Republic and Finland (Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, Trust for Mutual Understanding, Czech Ministry and Prague City Grants, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, etc.). He has collaborated with various artists and companies internationally including: William Pope.L, Maggie Siff, Martha Wilson and Franklin Furnace (U.S.A.); HoME theatre, Přemysl Rut, Vladimir Javorský, (Czech Republic); Golem Theatre (France); Otso Huopaniemi, Hanna Raiskinmaki, Milja Sarkola (Finland). He taught regular and Erasmus students at the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy at DAMU (authorial performance) and courses at the Prague Summer Theatre School, of which he is Founding Director. He also worked as a scientific researcher at the Institute for the Research and Study of Authorial Acting. He has been studying (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner since 1998 and teaching it since 2001, having led IwIP workshops and courses at DAMU and internationally (Columbia University, Yale University, University of Colorado Boulder, Rose Bruford College, Central School of Speech and Drama, Theatre Academy in Helsinki as well as numerous conferences). He received his MFA and Ph.D. studying under Ivan Vyskočil at DAMU. He is currently teaching IwIP in Helsinki, Finland at the Theatre Academy and independently. He is also performing and writing.

Alex is also teaching the Authorial Performance component of Presenting performance and the (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner component of Enlivening the Performer and the Three-Day Intensive (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner for Intermediate Students.

There will also be visits from guest teachers for classes in Feldenkrais, vocal expression, and other trained IwIP class leaders.

Photo: Rehearsing (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner PSTS 2013