The Prague Summer Theatre School


Three-Week Courses

Study one subject in depth during a three-week studio course.  Each course has a minimum of 45 contact hours.  In most cases, you will need to spend time independently or with other students outside of class doing work for your course. As a PSTS student, you will have access to your classroom/rehearsal space outside of class.

Authorial Performance

Explore authorial performance, an improvisational approach to devising solo and group performances, and create an open performance.


Crafting and Performing Puppets

Craft your own puppet and create a puppet performance.


Devising Site-Specific Theatre

Create a devised, site-specific performance in Prague.


Enlivening the Performer

Develop and train a positive potential to perform creatively on stage.


Introduction to Stage Design

Confront the challenges of designing the mise en scène of a text.


Presenting Performance

Explore three fundamental authorial and alternative theatre forms: authorial performance, devising site-specific theatre, and puppet and object theatre, each with a different teacher.


Photos: Puppets created as Puppetry Intensive (now “Crafting and Performing Puppets”) (top) – PSTS 2013 and physical comedy workshop taught by Nina Martin.