The Prague Summer Theatre School


(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner for Intermediate Students

Study (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner with a variety of experienced teachers, including the discipline's founder.

This intensive will give intermediate IwIP students an intense immersion into the discipline. We will have two rehearsal sessions a day with a variety of IwIP teachers, including the discipline's founder. We will also have discussion sessions with IwIP teachers. These will give you the opportunity to explore your questions during informal question and answer sessions. We will also view videos of other students rehearsing and there also be some optional reading available to inspire discussions.

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP) is a multidisciplinary, psychosomatic (psycho-physical) solo open improvisation discipline created at the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy at DAMU. IwIP is a methodology of disciplined study developed at DAMU by celebrated artist and teacher, Professor Ivan Vyskodl. The discipline opens up a range of directions for studying and practicing dynamics fundamental to creative public behavior and is the core of DAMU's program in authorial acting. It has also been taught at the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Finland.

For more information about the discipline and how it is studied, please click here.


June 13th to 15th, 2014. You may also take any Three-Week Course


A variety of experienced IwIP teachers including the discipline's founder, Professor Ivan Vyskočil.

Photo: Pavel Filip. Used by permission.