The Prague Summer Theatre School


General Information about the PSTS Program


All Three-Week Courses meet for three teaching hours mornings or afternoons every weekday from June 9th to June 27th. Orientation is on June 8th. Students in Three-Week Courses are advised to arrive a day or two before orientation. In most courses, you will need to spend time independently or with other students outside of class doing work for your course.

All Three-Day Intensives take place from Friday, June 13th to Sunday, June 15th. Orientation is on Friday morning. Coursework begins Friday afternoon and continues all day Saturday and Sunday (each course may have different hours).

DAMU reserves the right to make modifications to the schedule.

Class Size

The maximum class size is 12-14 students.

Course Credit

Each Three-Week Course offers a minimum of 45 contact hours. Three-Day Intensives have a minimum of 20 contact hours. (One contact hour = 50 minutes.) In most cases, you will need to spend time independently or with other students outside of class doing work for your course.

University students interested in obtaining credit for the coursework may do so. (Credits are subject to approval by home institutions.) Students will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Extracurricular activities

An optional, recommended cultural program complements coursework. PSTS students can attend performances with DAMU staff at local venues in order to experience Prague's cultural scene. DAMU will suggest events, reserve tickets and accompany students to selected performances. This is included in the tuition. Ticket costs are not included in the tuition.

The PSTS also includes an afternoon of seminars in modern Czech theatre history for all its students.


Please see Costs. The PSTS offers a discount for early registration based on the date we receive your course deposit/tuition payment. Financial Aid in the form of a reduced tuition fee may be awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional promise and financial need, particularly to permanent residents of the Czech Republic and individuals from developing countries.


DAMU does not provide or arrange accommodation as part of the PSTS. Students must arrange for their housing independently. DAMU will facilitate the process by recommending affordable private accommodation (shared apartments, low-cost hotels).

Language Requirement

If you are not a native English speaker, you may be asked to prove your English proficiency. To participate in most PSTS courses, you need to have at least an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of English (e.g., CEFR B1 or above). Some courses may require a higher level. If you are unsure about the level needed for your course, please contact us.


For information or an application, please contact: Irena Feithova, Communications Coordinator,, +420 723 757 309.

For special questions, please contact:

Director of the PSTS, Alexander Komlosi,, cell: +420 776 072 092


Photos: Physical Comedy Open Class (top) and Devising -­ Site Specific Performance final presentation – PSTS 2013.