The Prague Summer Theatre School


Rainier Poppink

I am from the Netherlands. During an experimental period (exploring, travelling) in my life in 2010, I attended the Prague Summer Theatre School. It was interesting to discover more about the phenomenon called '(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner'. This was a valuable and unforgettable experience, which is hard for me to describe in words. I practiced gymnastics until my teens so I also very much enjoyed applying this in a theatrical way during the contact improvisation and mime courses at the PSTS. After the PSTS, I got a place as an actor in a sailing theatre group (Chyba! Odkaz není platný.* until 2012. Currently I am part of another theatre group. I am completing my degree in psychology at the University of Groningen. Theatre has always been some sort of compass in my life. I hope to be able to bridge it with psychological knowledge.