The Prague Summer Theatre School


How to Apply

Application Deadline

Applications are being accepted from January 14th to April 30th, 2013. DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 24th, 2013. LIMITED SPACES STILL AVAILABLE IN MOST COURSES. The PSTS admits qualified students on a first-come, first-served basis. Early applicants may receive a tuition discount. Once the minimum class sized has been reached, students will be informed of acceptance.


Age Requirement

Please note that all applicants must be aged 18 or over. In special cases, students under 18 may be accepted with written consent from a parent/guardian.

Acceptance Letter

Once you have been accepted for a course and made your course deposit, we can send you a provisional acceptance letter if you need to apply for funding/grants.

Is it possible to take more than one course?

Due to scheduling, you can take Enlivening the Performer and any other course only.

This means that only the following course combinations are possible:

  • Authorial Performance through (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner & Enlivening the Performer
  • Devising Site-Specific Performance & Enlivening the Performer
  • Introduction to Stage Design: From Beholding the Text to Shaping the Space & Enlivening the Performer
  • Performing Nonverbal Comedy Theatre & Enlivening the Performer
  • Presenting Performance & Enlivening the Performer
  • Puppetry Intensive – Releasing the Hidden Energy of Objects and Puppets & Enlivening the Performer
  • Unveiling the Performer: An Introduction to Making and Performing with Mask & Enlivening the Performer

No other combinations are possible!

Are you interested in a general introduction to theatre and performance and a rich sample of what DAMU has to offer? Enlivening the Performer and Presenting Performance are separate courses that complement each other. You may enroll in one course, but students are encouraged to take both.

Remember: If you take two courses, you receive 25% off the tuition of the second course.

For more information or to request an application

For general information or an application, please contact Irena Feithová, Communications Coordinator, at:

For more specific questions, please contact the Director of the PSTS, Alexander Komlosi, at:, cell: +420 776 072 092.