The Prague Summer Theatre School


Puppetry Intensive: Releasing the Hidden Energy of Objects and Puppets

This course is an intensive workshop in creating and animating puppets, a process analogous to starting a new puppet company. We will create puppets as well as the other necessary elements for a performance. The goal is to create a short performance with the puppets made during the course.


We live and move in a complex world in which we are just one part. Every day we handle numerous objects. We rarely consider from what and why they are made; we mostly think about whether these things “function.” We do not concern ourselves much with what the object is, and that some things are “closer“ to us than others. Perhaps we sense an energetic potential in many objects, a certain attractiveness, even memories that could tell us much about the world and ourselves. This course will offer a journey on a road beneath the surface of our everyday worldview in order to meet with the deeper meaning and significance of “things.”


June 3rd to June 21st 2013. Three teaching hours every weekday afternoon. Students in this course may also enroll in take Enlivening the Performer.


Doc. Karel Vostárek is a visual artist, set designer, actor and director who graduated from DAMU. He has worked in amateur and professional companies as well as with Czech TV. He has taught internationally, including the Volkskunstschule Leipzig in Germany (1982-1988), Granau Workshop and Kirchdorff Workshops in Austria (1985). He has exhibited across the Czech Republic and remodeled well-known theatres and churches in the Czech Republic. He has been teaching at the Department of Drama in Education, DAMU since 1990.