The Prague Summer Theatre School


Introduction to Stage Design: From Beholding the Text to Shaping the Space

What is the relationship between the chosen theatre space and the performer? How do we shape the space to bring out the meaning of a text through and in space? As stage designers, how can we incorporate our every-day realities into our design?

Theatre/performance is a visual presentation created from a few basic elements: space, performers, light, time, and - on the viewing end - spectators. This course will delve into the role of the space in performance. It will take students through the creative process of working with a given dramatic text, in much the same way a professional must confront the challenge of staging a text given to him/her by a director.

As a foundation, students will delve into the rich history of Czech stage design as well as its contemporary manifestations. We shall begin with important Czech scenographers from the end of nineteenth and through the twentieth century, including Bedrich  Feurerstain, Vlastislav Hofman, Frantisek Zelenka,  Frantisek Troster and Josef Svoboda. We will then look closely at more recent designers as well as work from the Prague Quadrennial.

Students will then create a stage design and model that “captures” the visual meaning of the given text. Students will be challenged to find a way to show dramatic ideas through drawings and models for their final presentation. At the end of the intensive, each student will create an installation of that visual interpretation somewhere at DAMU.

We will visit numerous classic and contemporary performance spaces as a group during this course.


June 3rd to June 21st 2013. Three teaching hours every weekday afternoon. Students in this course may also enroll in take Enlivening the Performer.


Tamar Ginati, MFA, is a young Israeli scenographer. She graduated from the international master program at the Department of Stage Design at DAMU, where she studied under Professor Jan Dušek. She also studied performance arts design (costume and stage) with costume designer Rakefet Levi at the private college of the stage in Tel Aviv, and a short course in costume design under Gary Thorn at St. Martin’s college in London. In Prague, Tamar has worked on performances including RhinocerosTrue West and Marat/Sade, as well as a nonverbal project, Pieces, an international collaboration between, dancer singer and musician. Recently, Tamar has been living in Berlin, where she has assisted in the productions Shakespeare im parkUnterwasser oper and Exposure Berlin. In October 2012, Tamar worked on the stage and costume design for the winning show Polio at the Theatre festival competition, Akko, Israel, which received the citation for the best space design among the competition participated shows. Tamar is developing the contact between costumes and stage design. Her work focuses on creating a unified visual language that emphasizes, enriches, and supports the performance spirit and atmosphere.