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About (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (a.k.a. Dialogical Action)

Translated from the Czech “dialogické jednání s vnitřím partnerem”

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner is a solo open improvisation discipline, a holistic psychosomatic path of studying and practicing the elementary dynamics of dramatic, creative, disciplined, playful and spontaneous (inter)acting in a performance situation. This process involves cultivating the personality, studying the principles of dramatic play, and developing the psychosomatic fitness needed for being fully and creatively in public. IwIP is about coming to know yourself by relating to yourself consciously and creatively. Studying it involves learning what it means to be a partner to yourself.

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (IwIP or AwIP) is the core discipline in a program in “authorial acting” at the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU) where it is also taught to Erasmus students. Workshops on the discipline have been given internationally: at Columbia University, Yale University, University of Colorado - Boulder, New York University, Rose Bruford College, Central School of Speech and Drama, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and the Theatre Academy Helsinki.

The discipline has been in development for over thirty years under the guidance of its creator, Professor Ivan Vyskočil, a celebrated and respected actor, writer, researcher, psychologist, and educator and one of the founders of Czech alternative theatre.  He was one of the most important protagonists of Czech absurd and small-forms theatre of the 1960s, and a collaborator of many of leading Czech contemporaries including Václav Havel.

Actors, students of acting, as well as all people who “act,” “do” and “perform” in front of others in their professional or every day lives (teachers, social workers, doctors, lawyers) as well as individuals in other creative fields (e.g., film, visual arts, philosophy) find the discipline contributes to their professional work and personal growth. The discipline has been inspirational to the work of a host of theatre and performance artists in the Czech Republic and internationally, as well as individuals in fields like teaching, philosophy, psychology and the visual arts.


A student goes on stage in front of an audience without any predetermined theme to discover and experience interactions (relationships) between his/her “inner partners” during short (1-5 minutes) “trials” or “attempts.” During this solo, open improvisational exploration the student is asked to maintain ‘public solitude’ (Stanislavsky): By not contacting the audience directly a student can pay attention to his actions and direct them towards his inner partner. After a few minutes rehearsing, the student is asked to sit. He is given comments and reflections on his work and guided toward paths of further discovery by class leaders. Students keep a written journal as a way of reflecting on their on-stage investigations.

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