Erasmus+ Traineeships (Outgoing Students)


The Erasmus+ programme offers opportunities to attend a work traineeship at a foreign (European) institution that is not in a bilateral agreement with the school. Traineeships are held on student’s own initiative, DAMU does not provide contacts for this type of programme, as it does for study exchanges. Receiving a scholarship for an Erasmus+ traineeship abroad is conditioned upon satisfying the qualification conditions. Financial resources are given to a student based on a Grant Agreement, signed by the student and the Dean of DAMU, which includes a Learning Agreement for Traineeship as an appendix. This form is signed by the student and coordinators from the home and the host institution. Upon return, the student submits a Traineeship Certificate from the receiving institution (included in the Learning Agreement) and completes a final report in NAEP database.

Instructions and conditions

The Erasmus application deadline at DAMU is 31 January for Erasmus exchange studies and traineeships taking place in the following academic year. Under special circumstances it may be possible to submit a traineeship application to the International Office of DAMU after the deadline, it is advisable to consult the International Office first.

Participation in the programme is dependent on financial capacities of the school during the academic year and on current situation. Circumstances may change, for example some students may occasionally withdraw their participation in the programme.

An Erasmus traineeship must have a minimum duration of two months. Participating students must be enrolled in an accredited study programme at DAMU during the whole duration of their traineeship abroad. The entire traineeship must take place before final state exams. Therefore, 3rd year Bachelor’s students cannot attend a traineeship extending into their final exam period if their place at a Master’s course has not been confirmed as of their departure date. If they decide to attend traineeship despite the faculty’s recommendations and fail to be admitted into a Master’s course, they must terminate their stay and return their allocated scholarship funds.

Traineeships can be completed at foreign institutions which are similar to DAMU in their academic interests and where it is possible to award credits for the traineeship at DAMU. The student should contact their selected institution after consulting his/her supervisor and obtaining consent from the Head of Department. The student will arrange with the Head of Department a way that he/she will obtain credits for the traineeship. Specifics of the traineeship are then agreed on, such as type of work, dates of the traineeship, accommodation, potential financial aid from the receiving institution (an institution may occasionally award a bursary e.g. for accommodation, but this is not automatic). These negotiations should be carried out in writing. They should result in a written or electronic agreement (via email, letter, etc.), which will be part of the Learning Agreement for Traineeship.

Before departure

Once the foreign institution has agreed on admitting the student and they have agreed on the conditions, the student should complete the following steps BEFORE DEPARTURE:



COMPLETE AN INTERNAL APPLICATION FORM for the traineeship and SUBMIT IT IN PRINT AND SIGNED to the International Office of DAMU, along with a CV and a copy of correspondence or consent from the receiving institution, as noted above, by 31 January.


The application includes DEPARTMENTAL CONSENT with the traineeship abroad, signed by the Head of Department. Use the form “Request”, available at the International Office of DAMU or online.


SUBMIT a work plan for the traineeship with the section BEFORE THE MOBILITY (Learning Agreement for Traineeships / DOC) signed by all parties, i.e. the student, the receiving institution and the home institution (Head of Department and Vice-Dean for international affairs).


INFORM the Study Department of DAMU about the planned Erasmus traineeship, check whether all his/her exams and module credits are completed and the admission to the following year of study confirmed.


COMPLETE the Erasmus+ Grant Agreement in the International Office of DAMU approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the departure, providing bank details for the scholarship transfer, including IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes (do not forget to bring these with you, as well as the exact dates of your stay abroad!). It is advisable that the students make an appointment with the International Office in advance.


Arrange your TRAVEL INSURANCE for the duration of the stay abroad that covers health/medical insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance. The student must present a copy of their insurance agreement or insurance certificate at the time of signing their Grant Agreement, without it the transfer of scholarship will not be processed. (Note: travel insurance should be arranged for “work travel”, not for “tourism”.)


Requests for extensions of traineeships abroad should be submitted to the International Office of DAMU, with written consent from the Head of the respective Department. If sufficient budget resources are available to fund the traineeship extension, an amendment to the original Grant Agreement will be issued.

The student is responsible for securing travel insurance for the duration of the extended stay.

Upon return

Before completing his/her traineeship, the student must receive a confirmation of the traineeship period from the foreign institution (part of the Learning Agreement for Traineeships).

After returning the student must immediately:


SIGN IN AT THE INTERNATIONAL OFFICE AT DAMU AND SUBMIT a completed (Learning Agreement for Traineeships / DOC ), including a confirmation of the traineeship period (Section After the Mobility).


COMPLETE A FINAL REPORT in the NAEP database. Log-in details will be provided via the email from NAEP.


Speak to the Head of Department and head of the year, or staff teaching relevant courses, about traineeship accreditation and registration in KOS, and submit a copy of the Confirmation of Study Period (Section After the Mobility of your Learning Agreement) to the Study Department.


If the student fails to meet any of these conditions, he/she may be sanctioned according to the participation agreement.

Forms and documents



International Office Coordinator Phone: 234 244 286 Person detail