Graduation ceremony


Graduation ceremony

Please read these instructions for the graduation ceremony. Respecting the instructions will help the ceremony run smoothly.


The date of the graduation ceremony is set one year ahead in the academic year calendar. It usually takes place in the last November week with two ceremonies happening subsequently in one day. The schedule is released by courses after the exam period. Each finalist is allocated to one time slot group.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Moving between groups is not possible.


Finalists receive their invitations in standard mail about one month before graduation. They also receive a pdf invitation via email. The date is also advertised one month ahead on the faculty’s website.


It is essential to respect the time stated on the invitation. All graduating students should be present 45 minutes before the ceremony. Students are seated according to the seating plan and briefed about the procedure of the ceremony twenty minutes before the start. Missing students are eliminated from the list and cannot be re-inserted. The ceremony takes approximately 1 hour.


Graduations take place at the Bohuslav Martinů Hall at HAMU faculty (Malostranské náměstí 13, Praha 1). Finalists congregate in the Bohuslav Martinů Hall before the ceremony. Friends and family are seated in the hall only after invitation from the academic officers 10–15 minutes before the start. Tickets cannot be purchased[1] . Friends and family are advised to arrive well in advance (reserve time for the cloak room). Although the hall’s capacity is substantial, please be considerate towards other finalists and keep in mind that the ceremony is intended for closest and friends.


In case you are unable to attend, please inform  Mgr. Kateřina Maxová, member of the academic office, to receive information about your diploma collection.

Graduation certificates

The academic office can issue a certification of graduation. To receive an exam record please file a request.

Graduation ceremonies is operationally complicated, include the participation of many people and tend to be very important events for finalists and their families. Please respect all participants by following these rules.

Dress code

Please respect a formal dress code to ensure representative group photographs from the ceremony. For gentlemen it is advised to wear a suit.

Small children

We kindly ask you to be thoughtful about bringing children under five years to graduation. Little guests can often disturb the ceremony by crying which negatively affects both the graduating students and the audience. Please be noted that adults with crying children will be asked to leave the room and wait in the foyer.

Mobile phones

Please do not forget to switch off your phones and remind your guests to do so as well.

Taking photographs

Visual, auditory and audio-visual recordings of all persons can be taken during the ceremony. Guests are reminded that by entering the room they agree to such recordings. If any student wishes not to attend the ceremony, they can ask the academic office to be removed from the list. In that case their dimploma will be given to them on a separate occasion.

Pictures and recordings can only be taken from the seat, not from the aisle. This is to secure that the graduation runs smoothly and is not disturbed by individual photographing or recording.

Finalists not attending graduation can collect their diplomas at the academic office in person, and this can be arranged even outside standard office hours.