OPEN CALL: International scientific and practical student conference in Lviv

The seventh international scientific and practical student conference, opening current issues of the history, theory and practice of theatre in the research of students and young researchers. The conference is organised by Roman Lavrenti from the Lviv Theatre School , who has been a visiting lecturer from Ukraine at DAMU for the past year.

Thematic question of the conference: 'Theatre and War... Theatre and us...'

The conference will be held online on 27-28 April 2023

Basic questions and themes of the conference:

1) Research on the history of theatre and its reactualization in the present.

2) The modern theatre process: mistakes, successes, visions.

3) Cultural and social processes through performance studies.

4) Theatre as art therapy.

Paper presentation time: 15 minutes.

Conference fee: ---.

Paper proposals will be accepted until April 10, 2023. Send them to: (Roman Lavrentii)


4. January 2023