The student theatre festival Zlomvaz will start in a month. On Tuesday, Sept. 28, at 10 p.m., the opening party, called Zlomvaz: Shutting Down will begin. The next day Restart will happen, as the subtitle of this year's festival goes. The closing party, called Zlomvaz: Welcome, will close the festival on Saturday, October 2. The festival will be held for the first time in three years and on an unusual date as well. Instead of ending the summer semester, it will kick off the new academic year from Sept. 29 to Oct. 2.

All the theatre programme, which consists of productions from four schools from three countries (besides the Czech Republic and Slovakia, also from Poland) will take place in the building of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts. "DAMU should become the centre of the whole festival, where visitors will want to spend time, meet and get to know their colleagues from other schools. That is why we have tried to place the entire programme in one building and offer not only culture, but also places for rest and refreshments," says Anežka Bednářová, responsible for marketing and PR. Two performances will take place each day in the DISK Theatre, and others in the school's classrooms or in the Řetízek Studio. The accompanying programme is mainly located on the roof of DISK, where it will be possible to attend concerts every afternoon. The adjacent chill zone or the festival pub will offer relaxation.


In addition to the afternoon concerts on the rooftop, visitors can look forward to the accompanying programmes in the evening. The very first evening will offer a production created especially for Zlomvaz called Striptease paradise, during which a unique festival merch will be auctioned. "We approached young fashion designers to create original pieces directly for Zlomvaz. What they have in common is the upcycling of old clothes or materials, thus creating completely unique products. There will be a limited number of them and that's why we decided to have an auction." adds Anna Němcová on behalf of Off. On the second day, a football tournament of theatre teams will take place in the TJ Sokol sports hall in Vinohrady. On Friday, everyone will be able to join in the dulcimer dancing. There will also be exhibitions of works by students of scenography.


The festival will also offer an educational programme called setup. During Zlomvaz, it will be possible to take part in one of seven workshops focusing on various (but not only) theatre skills. "From the beginning, we wanted the festival to be by students and for students. To involve them in the preparations and give them a space to present their skills. Maybe through author readings or by leading some workshops," says Barbora Kollárová, who is in chrage of the workshop preparations. In addition to a movement or technical course, the festival will also offer a crash course in tax returns or the opportunity to make your own puppet. Each day will kick off with a brunch, which will be a place to meet and talk with a different guest each time. Afternoon discussions will then open up topical issues such as sustainability in the city, gender equality in the arts or the currently resonating initiative Ne!musíš to vydržet.

The festival organisers are trying to apply the principles of ecological sustainability as much as possible during the preparations. One of the steps is the rejection of unnecessary printing. "We would like to show that it can be done in other ways. After festivals, large amounts of unused printed materials such as programmes, posters and so on often end up in the waste. We want to avoid this," adds Anežka Bednářová. All information will be available for visitors on the website and in the school premises. Similarly, the traditional festival newsletter Obratel will not be published in printed form this year. All its outputs will be available on the web, not only in text form. As part of the newsletter, episodes of the festival podcast - Obratel podcast - will be gradually released, and during the festival students will reflect on the programme in the form of video reviews.

Pre-sale of accreditations for the Zlomvaz festival will start on 1 September at 15:00 via Goout. Programme and ticket information is available at www.zlomvaz.cz.


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3. September 2021