In connection with the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic from 19 April 2021 (HERE) the operations and running of DAMU and the operating regime of the faculty administration, effective as of 26 April 2021, will be organized as follows:


  • In-person art (practical) education is allowed, including individual teaching of stage speech, voice education and singing.
  • Collective in-person education of the subjects – Dance, Training, Yoga Therapy, Body in Movement, Psychosomatic Training, Conscious Movement Education – is allowed under the following conditions:
    • Lessons only take place in the Large Dance Hall (Velký taneční sál)
    • Windows are open for the whole lesson including breaks
    • Maximum number of people in one group is 15 including the teacher
    • Minimum distance of the lesson participants from one another is 3 metres
  • Independent rehearsals of students on the premises of the faculty (without participants from lower study years) is allowed, including rehearsing in the DISK Theatre.
  • The PC room can be used (Monday through Friday 10 am – 3 pm) – if you are interested, you need to register in advance at the address: jakub.kavan@damu.cz (maximum number of students in the PC room is 4, you can only use designated PCs to ensure required distance from other users).
  • Lessons which are part of sport activities (lessons provided by the AMU Sports, Movement and Rehabilitation Centre and the subject Fitness Training) are not allowed.
  • Choir lessons are not allowed.
  • All other (theoretical) education will continue to be organized exclusively via distance education – any in-person form of this other education (including the CŽV courses) on the premises of DAMU and outside, is prohibited.
  • The organization (as well as the extent) of the in-person education falls fully under the authority of the individual departments which are also responsible for fulfilment of the given regulations. Education is planned in agreement with teachers, mainly with regards to the requirements which are needed for successful completion of these subjects.
  • During the lessons, all the obligatory hygienic regulations of the Government of the Czech Republic are in force.
  • Entrance to the faculty is allowed during the opening hours, daily from 7 am to 11 pm. Students’ requests to enter outside of this period will not be approved.
  • Final year students can use the testing organized by AMU on the premises of the faculty (Tuesday and Thursday) – the personal participation of a student in the education is conditioned by a negative test result from the school not older than 7 days. In case of testing by another provider of medical services, the final year student has to show a confirmation of the negative test result not older than 48 hours upon entrance to the building. (Self-tests performed by students are not acceptable) – see more detailed info in a separate newsletter and the testing infographics.


  • Individual personal consultations of students with teachers (1 student + 1 academic worker/other person) are allowed under the condition that all necessary health safety regulations (covering of airways, disinfection and hand washing, keeping distance) are observed; if further use of online/electronic means of consultation is possible, it is recommended.
  • Exams (final and other exams – not rehearsal of artistic subjects within lessons) and their in-person form on the premises of DAMU are allowed, specifically the personal presence of students of all years at these exams is allowed, provided there are not more than 10 people in all (including the teacher) and the regulations of entrance into the building are observed.
  • It is also allowed to visit the library (only returns/loan of books – to loan a book, it is necessary to make an online reservation in advance – the study room is closed – opening hours – Monday through Thursday 10 am – 4 pm, Friday 10 am – 1 pm).
  • It is allowed to enter in order to arrange necessary matters at the Academic Office of DAMU which cannot be organized via phone or electronically (after previous phone or e-mail agreement with the appropriate study referent, opening hours – Monday through Thursday 10 am – 12 pm).
  • It is allowed to enter in order to arrange necessary matters at the department secretariat which cannot be organized via phone or electronically (always after a previous phone or e-mail agreement with the department secretary officer).
  • It is allowed to enter in order to visit the central storeroom for technical equipment (PLATO), loans and returns of technical equipment are possible only after previous phone/e-mail agreement with the storage managers at (plato@damu.cz), loans need to be first booked through the PLATO system, opening hours Tuesday and Thursday 10 am to 4 pm.
  • Students not in their final years are allowed to enter the faculty only during workdays and only for exceptional reasons.
  • Students can enter the school building under the same conditions as employees (negative test result not older than 7 days performed at a medical service provider or a sworn declaration of having the COVID-19 infection within the previous 90 days or proof of vaccination).
  • Testing dates at school are not designed for students other than those of the final year studies.
  • Self-tests performed by students are not acceptable.


  • Organization of entrance exams with the personal participation of maximum 20 people in one room (including academic staff) is allowed.
  • Study applicants can enter the school building under the same conditions as students of other than final years.


  • Teachers can continue to use the premises and the technical facilities of the faculty for the purpose of distance education without any limitations.
  • The administration operates in the regular working hours regime. Individual measures apply in case of the presence of more employees in one office. The presence of a maximum one employee in one office is allowed (this does not apply to necessary handing over of documents). Employees, who are allowed to work in a limited extent from their homes (due to rotation regime, needed care for pre-school age children/children of younger school age, etc.) should redirect the work line to their mobile phones.
  • Document record service: ingoing and outgoing mail organized through the filing office of AMU runs in a standard regime from Monday to Friday.
  • DAMU Reception: remains open 24/7. If exams are taking place, the department secretary will present in advance a list of names of students/applicants allowed to be present in person at a particular exam at the DAMU reception desk – the receptionist on duty will proceed based on the provided lists of names of reported students/applicants.
  • Entrance into the faculty building: In connection with the extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health from 5 March 2021, employees can enter the faculty building and perform their work at their workplace only if they have had an antigen or PCR test for Covid-19 disease performed in the preceding 7 days and its result was negative. The DAMU reception checks the validity of the negative test. Each AMU employee is obliged to undergo this check at reception.
  • Each employee of DAMU (in-house, external working on contracts) has the opportunity to use the testing of DAMU employees directly on the premises of the faculty (reservations are made through the AMU reservation system here:…….), or they can organize their tests at a medical service provider outside of AMU (in this case, they need to prove a negative test result at the DAMU reception and the validity of the test made there – electronic confirmation of the negative test result has to be provided at the reception for the receptionist to check, as well as sent electronically to covid@amu.cz).
  • Employees who had COVID-19 disease in the past 90 days can also enter the work place (calculated from the first positive test, demonstrated at the reception with a sworn declaration, available for download HERE) as well as those who were vaccinated (and 14 days have passed from the last required vaccine dose, this will be demonstrated at the reception with a vaccination certificate).
  • The same rules apply for the entrance of representatives of external companies, suppliers, etc. into the building.


  • It remains important to continue to observe all the hygienic rules and recommendations such as covering airways with appropriate safety devices based on the regulation of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic from 22 February 2021, i.e. on all the premises of DAMU Academy, it is prohibited to be present without a FFP2/KN95 respirator or a similar device in compliance with the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic measure, hand washing, keeping appropriate distance between employees, continuous disinfection of entrances/door handles into individual offices and administrative spaces. All individuals are required to disinfect their hands upon entrance to the faculty.

Doc. Karel František Tománek, Dean of DAMU

Ing. Iva Štveráková, Secretary of DAMU

Prague, 23 April 2021

28. April 2021