6 European countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Norway, Romania, Spain). 4 theatre institutions with a strong international vocation (PiccoloTeatro in Milan, Teatrelliure in Barcelona, Teatrultineretului Piatraneamt and Toneelhuis in Antwerp). 2 academies specialized in performing arts and scenic design (Norwegian Theatre Academy in Fredrikstad and DAMU in Prague). 1 university with a know-how in the study of landscape (Politecnico di Milano). 4 “sample” cities (Antwerp, Barcelona, Milan, Piatra-Neamt).

These are the main ingredients of UNLOCK THE CITY!, the winning three-year program of Creative Europe EU launched in Milan last week.

UNLOCK THE CITY! is a culture-led regeneration project in which the theater is called upon to become a tool for post pandemic sustainable transformation of the European urban landscape.

Places or areas that played a key role for the inhabitants during the pandemic within the 4 “sample” cities will be at the center of a research process on the concept of limit (from an economic, social, physical, etc. point of view) in the urban dimension.

In addition to workshops and training courses for university students, the project will also lead to the creation of 12 theatre performances entrusted to 10 European artists – 3 for each of the cities involved.

More info soon! 

28. March 2023