The collective of students of DAMU under the auspices of Universities for Climate, have decided to declare a university strike for climate at our school for 24 hours (from 9:00 to 9:00) from 15 to 16 November.

In 1939, 1948, 1968 and 1989, students raised their voices and named the major issues of our time. In 2022, we want to do it again. We are in a situation where the climate crisis is threatening the future of all of us, a future that we are preparing for by studying at our school.

That is why, with your help and the help of all students, teachers and staff of the faculty and other university and higher education institutions across the country, we want to clearly and precisely name the biggest challenges of our time and find solutions together. Through the strike, we want to attempt a future other than a catastrophic one. Universities across the country are joining the strike.

During the strike, we plan to organize an alternative teaching and cultural program focusing on the climate crisis in the faculty premises, which can be co-created by all of you. We invite you to take part in the strike - either by participating directly in the alternative programme or by adapting your classes to this theme.

In fact, the strike is not directed against AMU leadership or our faculty, but against the social crises we face. The strike is not intended to disrupt teaching, but to call for its adaptation to the current situation.

We are also calling on students*women and faculty*women to mutually agree on whether to hold, change, or move classes on strike, or to come up with ideas for an alternative program. Student*women should also apologize to the teachers if they will not be present*because of participation in the strike.

If you would like to get involved or find out more, come to the meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. in R312.

Keep an eye on the notice boards, email and Facebook event for further information HERE

Statement of the Dean:

Since this is a national event that involves a serious social issue that is systematically addressed by the AMU Environmental Panel, I have decided to support the students' initiative.

At a personal meeting on November 3, 2022, I warned the student representatives, namely Filip Novák, Teodor Mrkvička and Alena Novotná, that my condition was, however, that regular classes would be held on that day. Students who wish to take an active part in the prepared program must inform their teacher well in advance of this fact, who will release them from teaching on the basis of this request.

Collective of students from DAMU and

doc. MgA. Mgr. Karel Frantisek Tomanek, Dean of DAMU

7. November 2022