Michaela Raisová

Personal data

Name: Michaela Raisova, M.A.

Date of birth: 11.9.1984

Phone number: +420 777 137 067



2011 – 2014 The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Theatre Faculty, Authorial
Creativity and Pedagogy, M.A. degree

2013 Regent´s University, London School of Film, Media and Performance,
Global Acting and Theatre, Screenwriting and Producing (educational stay)

2007 Nanjing University in China (educational stay)

2005 – 2011 English and American Studies (specialization in Irish studies – Modern Irish
drama) and Chinese Studies at Charles University in Prague, M.A. degree

2001 - 2005 Taiji Academy in Prague, kongfu, wushu, qigong

1996 – 2004 Secondary School Gymnasium Jiřího Gutha-Jarkovského in Prague

1993 – 2004 Elementary school of Arts - music, ballet and classical piano – in Prague

Work experience

2006 – now Freelance interpreter and lecturer

 · English, Czech, Chinese and German for AMU, ACO, Happy
Materials, CVUT, Polytechna Consulting, Portalingua, Lingua Sandy,

2014 Mlejn

 · Lecturer of dramatic courses for children

2014 TV NOVA (project)

 · Consultant for a TV series

2012-14 Body and voice workshops at Cooltour, Ostrava, Egon Schiele Art
Centre in Český Krumlov and DAMU, Prague

 · Lecturer

2013–2014 Dramedy International

 · Screenwriting Consultant, Translator

2011–2014 The National Theatre in Prague, Performer (international theatre
festivals: Bogota - Colombia, St. Petersburg and Moscow - Russia,
Sarajevo – Bosnia and Hercegovina, Warsaw - Poland, Bratislava –

2013 SIT Graduate Institute, Prague

 · Lecturer of body/voice work

 · Theatre director and an academic consultant

2012-2013 Film Faculty and Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts
in Prague

 · Translator

2006 - 2008 BEDG (British European Design Group) (project)

 · Interpreter and organisational support for exhibitions in Prague, the
Czech Republic, and Wuxi, China

Performances and projects:

2015 Let the Gallery dance, a project and performance in cooperation
with SE.S.TA and The National Gallery in Prague

2014 At midnight’s time, dramaturgy and performer, DISK Theatre

2014 Partial uncertainty, author performance with Jana Novorytová
(dancer) in Truhlárna, Prague, author and performer

2014 Stephanie Skura performance, performer

2013 A Black Boot, a site-specific performance at Open air Theatre
Festival in Hradec Kralove, director and author

2013 Returning Home: A short author performance about the author´s
grandfather who was a Legionary during the World War I,
combining references to Japanese No theatre, author´s texts and
stylized movement

2013 Sexual Perversity in Chicago by David Mamet, a Czech production
of a famous American play in Palmovka Theatre

2012 Landscape Models: Author performance with Matej Smrkovsky (a
conceptual artist, AVU)

2010 – 2012 Elfriede Jelinek: What Happened after Nora Left Her Husband;
or Pillars of Society at the New Scene of the National Theatre in
Prague, director: Michal Dočekal, music: Miloš Orsoň Štědroň,

2011 Obizonach: Improvised performance at Open Air Festival in
Hradec Kralove, a collective work of Michaela Raisova, Jacques
Genot and Jan Svec

2011 Záhrada: performance of Veronika Beňová in Ponec Theater

2010 Action 1: a performance under the direction of Farm in the Cave

2009, 2010 Creature-Nocreature: performance in Bechyne under direction of
Javier Cura and Moss Beynon Juckes

In the last 7 years, I have undergone voice and body training with several lecturers at different
workshops in Prague, Berlin and London. Among those who taught me were:

Farm in the Cave, Thomas Steyaert, Carlo Locatelli, Paco Decina, Dano Raček, Eric Trottier,
Jaro Viňarský, Monika Rebcová, Rasmus Ölme, Stephanie Skura, Wendy Houstoun, Kirsten
Kennedy, Javier Cura and Moss Beynon Juckes, Gabriel Wong, Misato Inoue, Jonathan
Dawes, Marcio Mello, Jarek Cemerek, Věra Ondrašíková, VerTe Dance Group, Mirka
Eliášová, Dora Hoštová, Jiří Lössl, Ken Mai and many others.