Kateřina Daňková

Kateřina Daňková, born 1975 in Prague, is an actress, performer, director, teacher and translator.

Kateřina is a graduate of the Prague Conservatory of Music and Drama and MA and of the department of Authorial acting at DAMU. She has studied Interacting with the Inner Partner with prof. Ivan Vyskočil for over ten years and for four years now has been a teacher of the Interacting with the Inner Partner at KATaP DAMU.

Although Kateřina works in film and classical drama theatre in both Czech and English languages and has worked for several of Prague's companies (Divadlo Komedie, Divadlo v Dlouhé, Švandovo divadlo, The Prague Shakespeare Company). She is always developing and producing her own authorial/devised and site-specific pieces of theatre (Dobřichovické Sobě, Bílá Sobota, Objektiv aneb Jak to bylo s Vámi, Červená Karkulka, Hlína, Strach, Kačo a Mačo) either on her own, with professionals and/or is happy to work with non-professional actors. With her group The Mrcas Trio she directed an award-wining (Pražská osma) short 8 mm film “Medusa,” she has also co-directed/produced a number of authorial and improvised performances.

For she finds joy in improvisation, she attends workshops by Andrew Morrish, Frank Totino, Yoshi Oida and leads improvisation workshops as well. She is grateful to Ivan Vyskočil, Jaroslava Pokorná and Yoshi Oida for inspirational approaches to acting and she incorporates this work into her classes.

Recently Kateřina was blessed with the greatest inspiration of all, Motherhood/Parenthood.