Erasmus+ Study Mobility

Erasmus exchange programmes are based on bilateral agreements with partner universities abroad. Agreements are prepared and negotiated by individual departments, using their contacts, and respect departments’ curricula and available teaching provisions. Students of the department that established cooperation with the foreign university have priority in assigning exchange places, but students from other departments can also be offered remaining places, with consent from the receiving institution.

Important notice: students are not automatically entitled to a place at the Erasmus+ exchange programme and receiving institutions can influence or veto the selection of students. Partner universities can also restrict the acceptance of students for capacity or other operational/resource reasons.

The international affairs office at DAMU and the international office of AMU provide administrative support for the Erasmus bilateral agreements. They advise and help students and staff with organisational matters in preparing for the exchange. They also cooperate with departments to arrange the reception of international students and university staff.


The Erasmus application deadline at DAMU is 15 February for Erasmus exchange studies and traineeships taking place in the following academic year. The nearest application deadline is 15 February 2021.

Instructions and conditions

To attend an exchange programme, students must be enrolled at an accredited study programme at DAMU for the whole duration of their stay. The entire stay must take place before final state exams. Therefore, 3rd year Bachelor’s students cannot attend a study programme extending into their final exam period, if their place at a Master’s course has not been confirmed as of their departure date. If they decide to attend the study programme despite the faculty’s recommendations and fail to be admitted into a Master’s course, they must terminate their stay and return their allocated scholarship funds.

Application process
Before departure
Upon return

Application process

Applicants for foreign study programmes must submit to the DAMU international office the following documents within the stated deadline:

  1. Completed and signed application form (Application Form / DOC ), two universities can be selected.
  2. Motivation Letter.
  3. CV (education, experience, language and other skills).
  4. Departmental consent with student’s attendance of the study programme (form can be collected at the academic office or international affairs office at DAMU).
  5. Stage design students also submit their portfolio on CD or in another format with respect to the receiving institution’s requirements (see foreign university’s webpage).

Applications and supporting documents must be submitted in print and signed to the international affairs office at DAMU before the application deadline (15 February). Documents must be submitted in the language of the selected foreign institution, or in English.

Students who attend the study programmes are selected by a DAMU admissions panel (comprising of the Dean, Vice-Deans and President of the Academic Senate). The panel takes into consideration academic achievements, quality of the application, academic compatibility between the selected study programme and DAMU, assessment by the Head of Department or director of studies, and other criteria. The admissions panel announces its decisions individually to students by the end of February. Students should note that because of capacity limits and university’s financial constraints, they might not be accepted for their selected study programme.

After an application has been selected by the admissions panel, following correspondence with the partner university about the student’s acceptance is handled by the international office at DAMU. The student is fully responsible for arranging their academic curriculum at the partner university, which must be consulted with the head of the student’s department and with the Vice-Dean for international affairs. The Head of Department decides which modules should be accredited as substitutes for DAMU modules and which exams the student will need to be complete upon return. The final product of these decisions is the (Learning Agreement / DOC) signed by the student and by the sending and receiving institutions.

Before departure

Once the foreign university has agreed on admitting the student, the student should follow these steps, using information provided by the foreign university:


DECLARE THE LOCATION AND DURATION OF THE FOREIGN STUDY PROGRAMME TO THE ACADEMIC OFFICE and confirm that all his/her exams and module credits are completed and that he/she is admitted to the following year of study.


Approximately 3-4 weeks prior to departure sign the PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT at the international affairs office at DAMU, with the following appendices:

  • Student’s qualification requirements.
  • Student chart.
  • Bank details for the scholarship payment, including IBAN and SWIFT/BIC (do not forget to bring these with you, as well as the exact dates of your stay abroad!).


Arrange TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE for the duration of the stay. WARNING: The student must present a copy of their insurance agreement or another certification of their insurance when signing their participation agreement, or send it/hand it immediately after. Scholarships cannot be paid before submission of this certificate.


Before completing his/her study period, the student must receive the following documents from an Erasmus+ coordinator at the receiving university:

  • Transcript of Records
  • Confirmation of Study Period

Requests for extensions of a study exchange should be submitted to the international office  at DAMU, with written consent from the Head of Department. The office  reviews whether resources are available in the budget to fund the study and can prepare an amendment to the participation agreement. The student is responsible for securing travel insurance for the duration of the extended stay.

Upon returning home the student should


SIGN IN AT THE INTERNATIONAL OFFICE AT DAMU AND SUBMIT (Confirmation of study period / DOC) and a Transcript of Records from the receiving institution.


COMPLETE A FINAL REPORT; log-in details will be provided via email.


COMPLETE ACCREDITATION FORM FOR STUDY ABROAD (Proof of Recognition / DOC, as part of Learning Agreement / DOC), submit to be signed by the Head of Department and Vice-Dean for international affairs.


SUBMIT ACCREDITATION FORM FOR STUDY ABROAD (Proof of Recognition / DOC) to the international affairs office at DAMU, who will submit the completed and signed original to the academic office.

If the student fails to meet any of these conditions, he/she may be sanctioned according to the participation agreement.

Forms and documents


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