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Production design is a specific creative field in which the knowledge of a scenographer regarding the script and dramatic space is combined with the profession of architect and designer. This profession is always a part of the team of the film crew. This specialization Scenography is open to graduates with at least a Bachelor's degree in scenography, architecture, or interior design.

Programme objectives

The teaching of the field is based on the intersection of the arts, mainly performing and visual arts, humanities, and technology. It develops students' individual qualities and their orientation towards a specific area of scenographic/spatial creation. The MFA is a crucial stage in the formation of the artistic personality and is decisive for further professional development. An important quality is an ability to think, interpret, and create authoritatively in a space beyond professional stereotypes.
Pedagogical guidance is based on the student's ideas, initial ideas, and own solutions, helping them to develop and find further artistic possibilities for the project. We understand the pedagogical leadership of the master‘s degree program as a creative process. The pedagogue is above all an inspiring personality with an unquestionable artistic reputation, his/her creativity, and a capacity for theoretical reflection.
Candidates must have completed an undergraduate degree in scenography or another university of fine or performing arts.
Teaching takes place in two specializations:
- theatre scenography
- production design

Graduate profile

A graduate can:
-be a full member of the creative team of an audiovisual work
- use the acquired knowledge to create a design of the audiovisual work of different scales- use the acquired knowledge in the realization of the scenic design in the physical set.
- bring technical and economic solutions to the problems of the production design.
- hold all positions in the art department of a film crew, from set designer, illustrator, and production manager to the main production designer of the audiovisual work

More info about admission

Graduation from a bachelor's degree in scenography, architecture, or a related discipline, presentation of the applicant's original own works, successful passing of the practical talent test, and the entrance interview.


doc. Mgr. Jan ŠTĚPÁNEK

Docent - vedoucí katedry


Workplace: Katedra scénografie
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