Stage Design

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Programme objectives
Graduate profile

Programme objectives

Instruction in the programme is based on the blending of art, humanities and technology, which develop students` personal characteristics and their focus on specific areas of stage design. The Master`s programme is a decisive phase for shaping an artistic personality and is determinative for further professional development. The pedagogical direction is based on students` ideas, their original notions and their own solutions, and it helps them develop and identify their projects` further artistic possibilities. We understand pedagogical direction in the Master`s programme as a creative process. Instruction takes place in three specialised studios:
- theatrical stage design,
- costume and masks,
- film and TV set design.

Specialisations can be combined.

Graduate profile

Theatrical stage design - graduates can apply their skills in all types of theatres including theatres abroad, thanks to their language skills. Other options for applying their skills: stage designer for exhibitions, concerts, events or multimedia presentations.
Costume and mask design - graduates in this specialisation can apply their skills in all Czech and foreign theatres, in film, television and multimedia creation, as well as in new media and apparel design.
Set design for film and television - the instruction is conceived in such a way so that graduates in this area are able to become involved in working on a work of film in various positions of the film crew`s creative department. Graduates can thus hold positions from decoration designer to illustrator, costume director, artistic director of the creative department, to the film`s main set designer. This means that graduates are capable of reacting to offers from domestic as well as foreign producers, and their professional and knowledge level is completely comparable to that of foreign university graduates in this field.


doc. Mgr. Jan ŠTĚPÁNEK

Docent - vedoucí katedry


Workplace: Katedra scénografie
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