Theory and Practice of Drama Education


Programme objectives
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Programme objectives

The programme’s objective and purpose are to prepare experts, who – assuming comprehensive knowledge of theatre and theatrology, as well as pedagogical and psychological disciplines – can perform tasks at all levels of formal and informal education and in the various contexts of art education and education through art. Another objective is to train scholars capable of working creatively in the areas of theory of children’s and student theatre and dramatic education, conducting independent scientific research and developing a selected issue in the broad context of related theoretical and practical disciplines – theatrological and aesthetic, as well as pedagogical and psychological. All students are expected to have previous or concurrent pedagogical experience at some type and level of school.

Graduate profile

The programme graduate is a highly qualified expert who – thanks to the direct link between his or her own artistic and pedagogical activity on one hand, and theoretical reflection and research on this activity on the other – can positively influence the development of drama education and creatively affect it, especially in the areas of teacher training and other pedagogical studies. The doctoral programme graduate should be prepared to conduct independent scientific, artistic-pedagogical, conceptual and managerial work in the areas of the didactics, theory, history and criticism of dramatic education, including children’s and youth theatre and elocution.

More info about admission

Graduates of Master’s programmes with a focus on theatre or pedagogy may apply for admission. Applications are accepted from Czech and foreign graduates alike.
Only those graduates of Master’s programmes with a focus on theatre or pedagogy who have a deep interest in drama education, who pass the entrance examination, and who can be expected to have the appropriate predispositions for deeper reflection on the field and independent theoretical and creative activity may be admitted to the doctoral programme.
In addition to the basic questionnaire, the doctoral programme application must contain a project proposal for the dissertation, certified copies of university-level academic records, a structured CV, and an overview of the applicant’s creative, scholarly and publication activities. The CV must contain information on whether the applicant ever began and completed (or began and failed to complete) a doctoral programme at a different higher education institution.
The entrance examination takes the form of an interview with the applicant. The goal of the discussion is in particular to verify the quality of the dissertation project proposal and the applicant’s fulfilment of programme prerequisites.
The individual parts of the entrance examination are evaluated with points by the members of the admissions committee; the total possible number of points is 100.


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