Dramaturgy for Alternative and Puppet Theatre

continuing master

running accreditation (to 31.12.2024). No students accepted

Programme objectives
Graduate profile

Programme objectives

Studies progress in individual creative programmes in close collaboration with the department´s other fields (directing, stage design, acting), and focus on deepening students´ own individual creativity, orientation in the field, abilities of self-reflection, and the creation of a larger final creative work connected with the preparation, elaboration and defence of the diploma thesis in the state final examination.

Graduate profile

The graduate is a highly qualified artist able to do independent work and to lead collectives as well as individual projects and workshops. He/she is capable of offering original novel solutions in a wide range of contemporary currents of theatre including puppet theatre, indoor and open-air projects including site-specific projects, installations and performances, movement and authorial theatre, radio art, street performances and improvisation. He/she is capable of significant team collaboration and is oriented in the field.


prof. Mgr. Miloslav KLÍMA


E-mail: miloslav.klima@damu.cz
Phone: 234 244 272

Workplace: Katedra alternativního a loutkového divadla

Consultation hours:
Úterky 12:00-13.00
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