Stage Design in Alternative and Puppet Theatre

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Programme objectives
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Programme objectives

The basic circles of interest remain: puppet theatre, movement theatre, new circus and other experimental theatrical and para-theatrical forms, as well as the interaction of stage design with other forms of art, i.e. drama, dance and architecture. The new missions of stage design remain: theatre in non-theatrical spaces, stage design of public spaces, scenic use of abandoned spaces, stage design for new media. It is characteristic of the field to search for and connect creators also from non-theatrical fields - in the humanities and technical fields alike.
Last but not least is cultivation of the ability to collaborate in a team, where the interdependence of stage design and the other fields taught in the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU (dramaturgy, directing, acting) which together form the academic programme in the field - dramatic arts - is decisive, and students in various fields work together in close contact on practical exercises, presentations and productions. Thus, a model of the practice which students will encounter after graduation is created in the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU.

Graduate profile

A graduate is capable of working in a team as well as independently in cultural projects and theatrical productions, where he/she can be employed as a stage designer in various types of theatres, in open-air theatrical productions, in theatrical productions in public space, and in independent installations. He/she can lead thematic workshops (e.g. stage and costume design in view of the workshop's social and educational aspects), or work as a curator, realiser and initiator of projects and festivals. A graduate is prepared to be an initiator and active member of a creative team, and to continue to train in the field in order to activate his/her epistemic and creative potential. Through his/her work, the graduate specifies the role of stage design in contemporary experimental forms and developmental trends.


doc. Mgr. Andrea KRÁLOVÁ, Ph.D.


Phone: 234 244 271

Workplace: Katedra alternativního a loutkového divadla
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FOTO doc. Mgr. Andrea KRÁLOVÁ, Ph.D.