International Students

Acting with the Inner partner

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner is a multidisciplinary methodology of disciplined study developed by celebrated artist and teacher, Professor Ivan Vyskočil. The discipline opens up a range of directions for studying and practicing dynamics fundamental to creative public behavior. Through its process of guided and reflected solo improvisation, students rehearse and reflect on key acting principles; e.g., paying attention, modulating corporeal suspense, directing action towards a partner, spontaneity, authentic response, play, and discovering and developing personal themes. Study takes place in groups of six to twelve divided according to level of advancement. An integral part of action through dialogue is regular reflection - by the method of introspection the student learns to identify the most important problems arising from his/her individual condition. Reflections are further developed and evaluated. Theare is quite a lot of information on this course available in English, as for instance,

The Course is taught by MA Howard Lotker, american performer, who studied under prof. Ivan Vyskočil, and is currently teaching international students at DAMU. Envolved please find the article to be published soon in Central European Studies Journal of CUNY by my close collaborator MA. Alexander Komlosi, PhD.. Alexander is currently staying in Helsinki, collaborating with Metropolitan University.