International Students


International students who seek short-term studies in English at DAMU can apply for a short-term (one semester) study visit. This is an irregular type of study subject to tuition. The applicants can contact the International Office of DAMU and submit the requested application documents. The applicants can be accepted either on submitting their portfolio, or they may be asked to pass an entrance exam. If the Head of the respective department approves such a short-term study visit, an individual study program will be offered to the visiting student. Please note that the international students attending DAMU as individual tuition-paying short-term students cannot receive a diploma from DAMU, only a certificate of attendance/transcript of records. No deadline for sending applications is specified since the applications can be accepted all year round, and the beginning and duration of studies depend on the approval by the respective department. Please note that some departments do not offer the possibility of individual short-term study visits for international students.