International Office

International Office

The mission of the international division of the AMU Theatre Faculty is to support and secure international contacts and the mobility of the faculty’s students and pedagogues. These activities are conducted on the basis of concluded partnership agreements as part of international programmes (LLP/ ERASMUS, CEEPUS) and as part of intergovernmental or inter-faculty treaties and agreements. For interested foreigners, the division provides information about DAMU study opportunities.

An important part of the division’s activity is help with organizing the participation of student performances at theatre festivals abroad.


Study in English

Erasmus+ Programme (tuition-free)

International students from our partner schools within the Erasmus Programme who wish to take part in the Erasmus+ exchange programme at DAMU should be nominated for Erasmus studies by their home school, i.e. the Erasmus Coordinator of their home school should send the nomination by email to the International Office of DAMU.

The nominated students are required to send their Application Form (i.e. either their sending school form or a standard Erasmus student application form) indicating their field of study together with their CV, motivation letter and certificate confirming the level of their knowledge of English (B2 is recommended), students of Stage Design also their portfolio (in PFD) to the International Office of DAMU within the application deadline. Documents sent by email are acceptable, please do not send files via hyperlinks, drop boxes, wetransfer etc.

Please note that DAMU reserves the right to make the final choice of Erasmus students, admission is not granted automatically.


BA and MA Studies in English

Overview of available programmes

Study programmes in English

BA, MA or PhD Studies in Czech


International applicants may apply to DAMU’s regular study programs. All applicants must pass the standard entrance examination as well as demonstrate fluency in Czech by passing the Department of Foreign Language's Czech language examination. If an international applicant passes both these exams, he/she studies under the same conditions as a Czech citizen/permanent resident.

ATTENTION: If the applicant does not succeed at the Czech exam, he/she will not be allowed to study at DAMU, even if he/she had previously succeeded at the talent entrance exam. The exam in Czech takes place before the enrollment.

Individual short-term study visits


International students who seek short-term studies in English at DAMU can apply for a short-term (one semester) study visit. This is an irregular type of study subject to tuition fees. The applicants should contact the International Office Coordinator (at ) and submit the requested application documents. The students can be accepted on submitting their portfolio, taking part in an online interview or passing an entrance exam. If the Head of the respective department approves such a short-term study visit, an individual study program will be offered to the visiting student. At the end of individual short-term studies the student will receive a Certificate of Attendance and Transcript of Records (not a diploma). Please note that not all DAMU departments offer the possibility of individual short-term study visits for international students.

Application deadlines

The applications can be submitted all year long. However, if you wish to apply for admission to a specific program in a specific semester, please keep in mind the following deadlines: May 15 for the winter semester, October 31 for the summer semester.

Tuition fees and payment

The tution fee calculation is based on the number of credits earned during the individual study program. The minimum number of courses in the individual study program is four, the number of credits for each course can vary, as specified in the accredited study plans. For more information about the tuition fees and payment please contact the International Office Coordinator at .

Individual short-term study visits


doc. Mgr. Marek BEČKA

Vice-dean for international affairs Phone: 234 244 271 Person detail


International Office Coordinator Phone: 234 244 286 Person detail