3. June 2024 13:00 -

3. June 2024 15:00

Grab your buddies from DAMU and let's talk about what's bothering you, what you're excited about, what's being addressed and what should be addressed. Grab a cake, grab a drink, and just come.

What should STRK at DAMU actually be...

A purely student platform where people from all departments will meet. They'll be able to share what they need to address within the school. At the end of each STRK meeting, there will be minutes that will be regularly presented at DAMU AS meetings. However, the STRK does not become a new body of the school, it functions as an informal platform, offering suggestions to the DAMU AS and the faculty leadership.

STRK should meet at least once per semester + 1 meeting should be held in a joint organization of JAMU and DAMU, where students from both schools can connect and share. This meeting would be best in the form of a student-organized conference in one of the student theatres. The years could alternate their location - 1st year - JAMU, 2nd year DAMU, etc.

The STRK is responsibility of the DAMU student chamber + any interested students