Prezentation of students of KATaP DAMU

28. January 2020 19:30 -
28. January 2020 21:00

Students of Authorial Acting from the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy (KATaP) of DAMU will be presenting their Authorial Presentations at the café Living Room.

These pieces are created by each student individually and express personal stories and topics with different ways on engaging spectators by using voice, movement, Dialogical Acting and other disciplines that the students study in their programme. It is a wide range of short performances that will show a great diversity on how to communicate actively on stage with each person’s own potential, unique expression and topic. The event will be donation based.

Presenting in ENG: Alex Asikainen, Iff Atanasova, Meghana AT, Kierstan DeVoe, Polona Golob, Lara Hereu.

Studio Alta

V Háji 1068/32
170 00  Praha, Holešovice