Theatre Night in DISK

19. November 2022 13:00 -
19. November 2022 00:00

DISK Theatre is taking part in Theatre Night project, showcasing young performers from Academy of performing arts in Prague. This year's theme is Heroes.
Program is all throughout DAMU premises and for free.
You can look forward to performances in English, a dance performance, concerts and mulled wine. Look for ENG in the program.

English program for Theatre Night on 19 November in Divadlo DISK


A dance piece for two women, exploring the concept of pleasure through the lens of sexual trauma. Taking inspiration in a poem On Pleasure by Khalil Gibran and intertwining it with real life experiences, it builds on topics of fear and regret and strives for freedom and acceptance. For who is it that can save our souls if not ourselves? We are the protagonists of our lives. The treasure that among roots looks for other jewels.

Can we leave the past behind? And should we?

16:00 - 17:00 MOM / MAMINKA

Documentary monodrama with authorial approach using own texts and excerpts, among others, from texts and poems for children or texts by S.I Witkiewicz. This monodrama is an attempt to confront oneself, it talks about the mother-daughter relationship in the theater of objects, but without the desire to answer these questions. The emphasis is rather on the actual experience and emotions.

17:30 - 18:30 PLAI PRAGUE

Reservation online!

Prague Clockwork Cabaret is a piece of artistic man-machine collaboration and interaction. Computer as author and man as performer. Real personalities in surreal encounters. Chatting, singing, musing. Accross ages, accross cultures, accross borders, accross circuits.

19:00 - 20:00 THE VISITOR

The Visitor is a dystopian drama performed in English. Somewhere in the future or maybe in the past during a long pandemic, people were or will be forced to isolate and deal with their loneliness. And as it often happens, a quick fix is offered. Will this new instant relief be helpful, or will it make things worse?


What is under the mask? What is behind the mask?

Dance performance dealing with a question of identity. The piece is inspired by visual art of contemporary surrealistic Italian painter Agostino Arrivabene.

Divadlo DISK

Karlova 26
116 65 Praha 2

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