MgA. Ricardo Hoineff: Invent and reinvent yourself: How a Brazilian became a TV Creative Director and glass artist in Czechia?

25. May 2022 15:00 -
25. May 2022 17:00


Spoiler: lots of prejudice, stereotypes and archetypes. Lots of Chutzpah! 

Ricardo Hoineff was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On the very end of the 1980s, he realized that scenography studies in Brazil was not on the level that he expected. So he got his ticket to Czechoslovakia and later started studying at DAMU, Department of Scenography. In his lecture, he will be talking about his journey from DAMU to Golden Promax European Award and back to school to become a glass artist creating and producing glass in Slunečná, on North Bohemia, 100 meters from the forests.

The lecture is part of series of three meetings with former foreign students of DAMU, inspiring artists working in theatre and non-theatre fields. How did their international experience connect with their studies at DAMU? What role did their foreign alma mater play in their career?

The lecture will be held in English, in the Haller Hall at DAMU. 

More about Ricardo Hoineff

Oficial website HERE 

Oficial FB profile HERE

Oficial IG profile HERE.

See also more info about the new exhibition of original Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou. The author of the attractive installation is the Ricardo Hoineff himself. Opening ceremony 19. 5. 2022 / 5pm. More info about the exhibition HERE. 

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