Department of Stage Design


Masters’ studies in the field of Film and television stage design

Masters’ studies in the field of film and television stage design are open to all applicants who have completed at least a Bachelor’s degree at a university. So far, most students have been graduates of the architecture faculty at the Czech Technical University in Prague or at the Brno University of Technology. There have also been students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and last but not least, graduates from the Bachelors’ programme at the DAMU Department of Stage Design.

Admission requires passing the admissions test, consisting of a presentation of the applicant’s own artistic work, the completion of practical tasks and a personal interview. The practical task is the developing of a design for a decoration based on a verbal description. The personal interview then focuses on the applicant’s general cultural overview and the determination of his/her motivation for study.

Studies take three years, ending with a state final examination and defense of a thesis. Graduates earn the academic title Master of Arts (MgA).

During their studies, students in this field are familiarized not only with the field itself, but also thoroughly with other related professions that make up a film and TV staff. Students thus attend theoretical lectures not only at the department, but also at the AMU film faculty. During their studies, students collaborate on practical film exercises with a FAMU students, and try out collaboration as part of a film staff.

Graduates from this field may find a whole range of career opportunities, both in the making of full-length films and television programmes and in the making of advertising spots and video clips. Finally, graduates can apply their knowledge gained in their studies when designing and realizing exhibitions and interiors.

Studies are conceived so as to train independent creative personalities who are able on the basis of a dramatic text not only to create an artistic design for a decoration, but also to carry out successful realization of the design. An important part of the personality of a film and TV stage designer is the ability to collaborate creatively with other members of the film staff.

Currently, collaboration on film and TV projects is increasingly becoming an international affair. Especially now that our country has joined the European Union, a whole range of opportunities has opened up for our graduates not only in this country, but also on the European job market.

For this reason, the emphasis during studies is on developing our students’ language skills, so they are prepared for creative communication on the international level.