Department of Stage Design


Department of Stage Design

The study of stage design concerns the dramatic properties of space and the shaping of a dramatic character. State design is authorial participation in the creation of a theatrical production. Instruction is conceived to respect the dramatic departure point of stage design and its team character and the contemporary overlapping tendencies of the field.

Studies are divided into two stages – a three-year Bachelors’ and a two- or three-year Masters’ programme.

Instruction take place in the following specialized studios:

Theatrical stage design, Stage design of costumes and masks, Stage design for film and TV.

Master degree (post-graduate) programs in "Stage Design" and "Costume and Mask" are also available in English language. See general information here: Stage Design in English, Costume and Mask in English.

Department head: Prof. MgA. Jan Dušek

Department secretary: Mgr. Emilie Horváthová

phone: 234 244 241
work mobile phone: 607 510 134