Department of Dramatic Theatre


Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre

Studies here are based on the one hand on many years of experience with university-level puppeteering pedagogy and on the other hand on tendencies that have their roots in the theatrical avant-garde and in the “open theatre” movement.

Bachelors’ and Masters’ programmes for acting, directing and dramaturgy require the study of the general features of theatrical creation with emphasis on specific interdisciplinary components of puppetry and relevant kinds of theatre including their overlapping and ties leading back to the theatrical arts.

The study of stage design (Bachelors’ + a following Masters’ programme) in this department focuses on training visual artists for alternative forms of theatre, with artistic metaphor as the priority – including puppet theatre.

Department head: MgA. Jiří Havelka Ph.D.

Assistant department head: prof. Karel Makonj

Department secretary: Jitka Nohová

phone: 234 244 271
work mobile phone: 737 464 971