Admission procedures

Master Degree in Scenography - specializations: Theatre Scenography, Production Design

Applications for Academic Year 2024/2025

Application deadline:

15 January 2024

Entrance examination date:

First round: 5 February 2024 
Second round: between 19–23 February 2024 

Admission to the Program

Mandatory annexes to application and course of their delivery:

The candidates must submit the documents mandatory for entire faculty (CV with photography and certificate of completed bachelor education). Above these, the candidates for this study program must submit, together with the application, the following documents:  

  1. Motivation letter (max. two pages), that should include: personal interest in a specific specialisation, its justification and own idea of the direction of individual study (specific genre or application of scenography in all areas of its application). 
  2. A set of works (portfolio), which proves the justification of the direction of the individual study through his/her own work, 

Motivation letter should be uploaded directly to the electronic application. 
Portfolio shall be sent electronically via e-mail to secretary of the department: 

The course of the entrance examamination:  

a) Number of rounds: two elimination rounds.

b) Time span:

  • first round – without the participation of the candidate,
  • second round – one day, max. 1 hour long online interview/pp. 

Content of the entrance examination and criteria for the evaluation of the results:  

1st round: without the candidate's participation 

The committee evaluates submitted motivation letter and portfolio - insight into the field, interest in the field, artistic performance and artistic level and talent prerequisities will be assessed  

Maximum score is 15 poinst in 1st round. 

Minimum of 10 points is required for passing to the next round.

2nd round: around 2 weeks after the first round online via MS Teams 

  1. Completion of the given art task, assigned by e-mail to candidates passing to after passing to 2nd round.

    Theatre Scenography - an artistic solution to an excerpt of a set theatre or literary piece. The task involves interpreting and developing a spatial/character solution based on the draft.

    Production Design - the task is to design an interior set according to a given theme with emphasis on the overall atmosphere of the designed space.

    The maximum number of points that can be obtained for this task is 20. Minimum number of points for admission is 10.  
  1. Interview (via MS Teams) - includes an oral defense of the chosen solution to the assignment and a defense of specific aspects of the studio project/motivation letter.

    The maximum number of points that can be obtained for this task is 15. Minimum number of points for admission is 10. 

    Aplicants who achieve the minimum number of points required for admission in both parts of the examination in round 2 will be accepted. 

The highest number of applicants accepted for study:  

DAMU sets the maximum number of applicants admitted to study in this study programme. The number of applicants admitted to the programme may be lower than the maximum number if the number of applicants who have fulfilled the admission requirements is lower. If a larger number of applicants meet the admission requirements, applicants up to the highest number will be admitted in order of preference.  

Maximum number of applicants admitted to this study programme: 

Theatre Scenography: 4

Production Design: 4

Medical fitness:   

Not required for admission to this programme of study.



Secretary of the Deprtament Phone: 234 244 241 Person detail