About the department

Scenography (stage design) is concerned with the visual aspects of a dramatic performance. The artwork created by scenographers is always in accordance with a specific interpretation of a dramatic text. Students at this department explore what the dramatic characteristics of the stage are and how dramatic characters can be shaped. We also appreciate and focus on the crucial role of teamwork in Scenography. Students of Scenography acquire the essential skills for stage and costume design, through hands-on experience with various techniques such as painting, drawing, collage, installation, sculpture, photography, film, graphic design, light design, etc., all used to contribute to a specific theatrical vision.

The course comprises of two parts: a three-year Bachelor’s degree and a two-year Master’s degree. Master’s courses are taught at the following specialised studios:

Theatre Set Design, Costume and Prop Design, Film and TV Set Design.


Theatre Set Design

Studying set design means studying features of the theatrical space and the formation of dramatic characters. A set designer is an active contributor to the final form of a performance. The course curriculum recognizes the different ways stage design can be utilised in theatre as well as contemporary tendencies to challenge the boundaries of the field.


Costume and Prop Design

The Master’s course in Costume and Prop Design at the Department of Scenography (founded by F. Tröster in 1946 as the first of its kind in the world) is led by Prof. Jana Zbořilová and Doc. Ivana Brádková. It focuses on designing costumes for all types of drama, film, and TV productions. Students carry out projects specific to their individual interests, and these require a level of independent visual self-expression. Specifics of the course experience depend on students’ chosen dissertation projects and on concurrent productions at the faculty’s theatre Disk. This Master’s course is a continuation of the Bachelor’s course in Scenography at DAMU. Having completed an arts-related Bachelor’s degree is a requirement for attending the Master’s programme.

The course aims to develop set design skills for all types of theatre (drama, opera, ballet), for film, and television. Successful graduates should become fully autonomous costume designers and should be able to work on both dramatic and non-dramatic artistic projects. The course ends with a dissertation and a state final exam.


Film and TV Set Design

Having completed a Bachelor’s degree is a requirement for attending this Master’s programme. The majority of students coming to study Film and TV Set Design are graduates of architecture at Czech Technical University in Prague or at Brno University of Technology. Many students also come from Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and from the Scenography Bachelor’s course at DAMU.

During the admission process we ask applicants to present their previous art work and to draft a proposal for a set design based on an assignment. In addition, all applicants attend interviews where their knowledge of contemporary culture and their motivation to study are assessed.

At the end of the two-year programme students sit a state exam and present their dissertation. An MgA (Master of Arts) degree is awarded to successful graduates.

During the course of their study students gain extensive understanding of not only set design itself, but also of related film and TV professions. This combination is achieved by offering lectures both at the Scenography Department and at departments at the film faculty, FAMU. The course also includes working on practical film assignments in cooperation with FAMU students.

Graduates of this course have a variety of career options. They can use experience gained throughout their degree to work on productions of film, television programmes, commercials and music videos. They can also work on interior design or exhibit their work.

The course encourages students to become autonomous creative individuals, able to leverage dramatic texts to design sets and complete their physical realisation. A key skill for a future set designer is being able to cooperate creatively with other members of the crew.

Film productions are becoming more and more based on international cooperation. This offers a range of opportunities for students to work on projects not only in the Czech Republic but also in various European countries. The course focuses on developing students’ language skills in order to prepare them for international artistic cooperation.

History of the Deparment


UNESCO Prize awarded for the best student exposition at Prague Quadrennial.


Prof. Dušek becomes head of the deparment.


Film and TV Set Design starts being taught.


Prof. A. Pražák becomes head of the department.


The department is moved to the DAMU building, Karlova 26.


Prof. F. Tröster founded the Scenography Department of DAMU in Ledebour Palace.


František Tröster

founder of Department of Scenography, winner of gold medal for best set design at the São Paulo Art Biennial

Oldřich Smutný

prominent Czech painter

Ladislav Vychodil

set designer and Head of Department of Scenography in Bratislava

Jarmila Konečná

prominent Czech costume designer, winner of the Czech Lion Award


Irena Greifová

prominent Czech costume designer

Jana Zbořilová

prominent Czech costume designer

Jaroslav Malina

set designer

Miloslav Chlupáč

prominent Czech modern sculptor

Karel Hubáček

architect, founder of SIAL (association for engineers and architects), winner of the Auguste Perret Prize for the design of Ještěd

Albert Pražák

set designer

Miloš Ditrich

film and TV set designer

Ludmila Kybalová

costume historian

<h3>Jindřich Dušek</h3>

<p>set designer, assistant to Prof. Tröster</p>

Jindřich Dušek

set designer, assistant to Prof. Tröster

<h3>Michael Romberg</h3>

<p>prominent Czech graphic designer and costume designer</p>

Michael Romberg

prominent Czech graphic designer and costume designer

<h3>Vladimír Jindra</h3>

<p>Art historian, leading Czech scholar of Scenography</p>

Vladimír Jindra

Art historian, leading Czech scholar of Scenography

<h3>Jan Sládek</h3>

<p>set designer</p>

Jan Sládek

set designer

<h3>Marie Franková</h3>

<p>costume designer</p>

Marie Franková

costume designer

<h3>Ivana Brádková</h3>

<p>costume designer</p>

Ivana Brádková

costume designer