About the Department

At the Department of Drama in Education (KVD) we prepare students for professional work in all areas of drama in education, in formal and informal educational contexts. These can be drama subjects at schools, children and youth performance, applying drama techniques in general education, theatre pedagogy, museums, and galleries, amateur adult and community theatre, etc. The department offers a Bachelor’s degree, a continuing Master’s degree, Doctoral study, and courses at the centre of Lifelong Learning.

The department offers education in a wide range of didactics of drama in education, theatre disciplines, literature, pedagogy and psychology.

Graduates of the department are employed at all levels of formal education, at arts schools, at literary-drama courses at primary artistic schools, at leisure activity centres for children and adolescents, cultural centres, theatres, galleries, museums, and in other areas of informal education.

The department offers a three-year Bachelor’s course and a two-year continuing Master’s course, both full-time and part-time. The Master’s course accepts candidates with a degree from DAMU or JAMU or holding a certificate from Drama in Education at Pilsen's University of West Bohemian (ZČU) or from Fundamentals of Drama in Education at the centre for Lifelong Learning at DAMU.

The centre of Lifelong Learning offers a course in Fundamentals of Drama In Education which is four semesters long and aims to advance specialised knowledge.

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Department's History


Work begins to build a clinical facility at the Drak theatre and study programmes are evolving to offer courses in English (as part of the of EU OP VVV project).


Accreditation of the Doctoral Study Program in Theory and Practice in Drama Education and accreditation of the Lifelong Learning course in Fundamentals of Drama in Education.



Accreditation of the three-year Bachelor’s course and the two-year Master’s course as both full-time and part-time study.



Festival 3D (children-drama-theatre), later transformed into DVD (Children-Education-Theatre) Festival.


Doc. Radek Marušák is head of the department.


Doc. Jaroslav Provazník is head of the department.


Doc. Josef Valenta is head of the department.


The Department of Drama in Education is founded,
led by Prof Eva Machková