Department of Drama in Education

The Department of Drama in Education focuses on preparation of pedagogues for work in various educational institutions of formal and informal education.


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The Department of Drama in Education (KVD) focuses on the preparation of professionals working in all areas of drama education in the context of formal and non-formal education - in the field of school dramatic education, theatre played by children and youth, children's performance and theatre in education, lecturing in theatres, museums, galleries, with adult nonprofessionals, with communities, etc. Candidates can study at Bachelor or Master or Doctoral level and in the Course of Lifelong Learning.

Department Head
doc. Radek MARUŠÁK
Radek.MARUSAK (at)

Department Secretary

Phone: +420 234 244 281, +420 234 244 280
Fax: +420 234 244 281
Work mobile phone: +420 721 239 374

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