Final state exams

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BA/MA final exam questions

1) SUBJECT THEORY (self-reflection, terms and definitions, concepts)
1.1 Dialogical Acting with the Inner Partner
1.2 Authorial Reading and Authorial Presentation
1.3 Pedagogy of Speech and Voice
1.4 Pedagogy of Movement
1.5 Pedagogy of Acting, Play and Partner Play

2) SUBJECT HISTORY (historical context, terms and concepts)
2.1A Philosophical Foundations
2.1B Psychological Foundations
2.2A/B Theatre and Drama Foundations

The student draws one question from an envelope on the day of the final exam from SUBJECT THEORY. Therefore, he/she has to prepare all of them.

The student also chooses and prepares in advance 2 topics from SUBJECT HISTORY. The first one is either from Philosophy or Psychology, the other one from the Theatre and Drama Foundations. He/she should be able to present these topics to the committee.

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