Students were asked to create short authorial videos that would share their student experience at the Department of Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy (DACP/KATAP). They were given free space from concept to realisation. The original question that initiated the creation of the videos was, what do the students want to communicate to the prospective students of DACP (KATAP). The videos originated as a collaborative project across programs and years of the Department in 2022-23 and their creation was supported by an inSavener DAMU grant.

Vojta zpovídá Vojtu / Vojta interviews Vojta

Student Vojtěch Klinger talks.

DACP promo Viktor Buzharov

Authors: Viktor Buzharov a Štěpán Smoljak.

DACP promo Sumin Sung

Authors: Sumin Sung and Štěpán Smoljak

DACP promo Alexandra Ziolko

Authors: Aleksandra Ziółkowska and Štěpán Smoljak.

What's up with KATaP?

Department through the lenses of our students

What is Authorial Presentation?

Michal Čunderle explains the subject that is not being taught in class.