Manual English


Organisation of study 

Admission procedure, KOS, payment of the tuition fee 

Bc. Vít Kořínek, 
Study department 

room K216  
234 244 218 

IT - user accounts and passwords 
Problems logging in to the school network 
Entrance card to the building and rooms 

Jakub Kavan, 
IT support 

room S104  
+420 234 244 208 


Markéta Ditmarová, 
secretary KALD 

room R209  
+420 234 244 271 

Final festival Proces 

Branislav Mazúch, 
Head of department, KALD 

room R208  
+420 234 244 271 

Study trips 

Trips on festivals and workshops 

Kristýna Jalůvková, 
project manager KALD 

room R208 (Wednesdays)  
+420 778 534 787 


Zora Hermochová, 
International department 

místnost K334  
+420 224 234 217 

Final projects 

Consultation on financing options and grant writing 

Kristýna Jalůvková, 
project manager KALD 

room R208 (Wednesdays)  
+420 778 534 787 

Reservation and rental of equipment, PLATO (warehouse open Mon, Tue, Thu always 12-16) 

Josef Maděra, 
Jiří Ladzianský, 

room K06  
+420 234 244 214 
+420 732 183 306 

Consultations on the production of scenic elements for the final project 
Classroom modifications (drilling; hanging; dimming; painting anything that is part of the equipment; safety) 

Svatopluk Skála, 
workshop manager, technical administration 

room R085  
+420 234 244 278 

Use of the DISK delivery for the transport of materials/scenes for final and graduate projects 

Lukáš Briksa, 
head of operations DISK 

room D048  
+420 234 244 253 

Classroom equipment (lighting, sound and projection equipment, electricity) 
Acquisition of new technical equipment 
Filming a school project 

Josef Maděra, 
chief of technics 

room R217  
+420 234 244 289 
+420 732 183 306 

Reimbursement of costs for semester work, trips,  
Orders for services or goods on the invoice 

Jitka Nohová, 
secretary of the department 

room R209  
+420 234 244 271 
+420 737 464 971 

Space, rooms 

Personal lockers 

Jitka Nohová, 
secretary of the department 

room R209  
+420 234 244 271 
+420 737 464 971 

KALD basement warehouse (storage, collection of scenography for performance/closing) 
Material storage for recycling R 109 

Selected students from BA Scenography 

Whatssup group 

DISK warehouse (loan; outside the online fund) 

Lukáš Briksa, 
head of operations DISK 

room D 048  
+420 234 244 253 

Workshop R113, R114 

Mikoláš Zika 

In R113 and R114, every Wednesday, 16:00 - 20:00 

Room reservation 

Kristýna Jalůvková, 
project manager KALD 
Jitka Nohová, 
secretary of the department 

room R208  
+420 234 244 271 
room R209  
+420 234 244 271 
+420 737 464 971 


Jan Bažant 

room R117  


Organization of Study

School email address

Using a school e-mail address is important for your studies. Besides communication with teachers and other school staff, you will use it to book rooms (instructions here). You will also receive a departmental newsletter with news and opportunities at the school address, as well as a newsletter from the Dean of DAMU. 

To use and configure your e-mail, will be on The Microsoft Outlook platform. You can log in here: The form of your email address is You will obtain a temporary password from the administrator when going through the setup. In case of problems with logging in to the school e-mail, please contact Jakub Kavan.

Student card (with or without ISIC)

It serves as a pass to the library, to enter the DAMU building, to some rooms, and to print, copy and scan on multifunction printers in the school building.

Dispensing center: Celetná 13, 110 00 Prague 1.

More information here.

More information about the ISIC license and the provided benefits here.

Study information system KOS

 You log in to the KOS study information system with your username and password here.

 KOS is used for: 

  • Enrollment of elective and compulsory elective subjects.
  • Registration for exam and credit dates.
  • Control of your study results.
  • Providing the text of the bachelor's and master's thesis.
  • You can also evaluate individual subjects and teachers. Take evaluation as your responsibility and contribute feedback at the end of each semester to the co-creation of the department. This is not a formality, the opinion of students is regularly taken into account in our department.

How to enroll in a course?

After logging into the KOS system, select from the menu Courses → Course registration → Registration of any course → Course registration - By code (or another criterion) for the subject you want to enroll, check the "Selection" box and in the "Semester" field add the semester in which you want to study the enrolled course. Confirm everything by pressing the "Write" button.


Timetables can be found on the website of the department in the section For students and subsection Timetables. You can also find the schedule of your study program in Google Calendar Other Calendars in your school Google account and the tablet on the notice board in front of Mrs. Nohová's office on the second floor. The schedule is usually published two weeks before the beginning of the semester. During the first two weeks of the semester, there may still be changes to the schedule.

Library and other study resources 

The DAMU library is located in room S110 (Karlova staircase, 1st floor)

Detailed information on loan periods and the operation of the library can be found here. You can also use the FAMU and HAMU libraries. Tritius Interfaculty Catalog:

Other libraries: Municipal Library or National Library

Other study resources, you can also use the freely available MOOC courses (massive open online courses) available, for example, at or

Final festival PROCES

Presentations of students' creative work take place in the form of the Process final festival at the end of each semester. Registration of projects takes place via an online form, which will be received by each student well in advance, along with other information about the upcoming year. 

Social networks

If you use Facebook, join the closed KALD group: Another useful platform for sharing is the DAMU + FAMU + HAMU group, where you can learn about possible cooperation with students from other faculties: (mostly in Czech)

We also recommend following the official FB page of the faculty: (mostly in Czech) and Instagram: ? utm_medium = copy_link

Travel Options

Erasmus+ study stays and internships 

More information about Erasmus+ program trips, including a list of schools with which a bilateral agreement has been concluded and the procedure for completing a practical internship, can be found here.

Trips organized by the school 

Each trip is arranged individually, so respond promptly to emails and communicate with the responsible employee about preparations (dates, responsibilities, program, ...) and register any changes. The school usually reimburses you in the form of a scholarship for insurance, travel costs, accommodation, or other production costs. 

All expenses that are reimbursed in the form of scholarships are first paid by the student themselves and are reimbursed after the event. No later than two weeks after arrival, bring Jitka Nohová all the documents you want to refund. Confirmation of payment of travel insurance and insurance contract, tickets, airline tickets and boarding passes, purchases of materials or props, accommodation bill, etc. You will receive the scholarship to your bank account mentioned in KOS. 

The school will not reimburse you for travel expenses by your own car. 


Financing of final and graduate projects

The MA DOT program students are entitled to financial coverage of costs related to semestral or graduate projects.

2nd-semester project: Each student has a budget of 3000 CZK. It is not possible to transfer unspent funds to the next semester.
3nd-semester project: Each student has a budget of 6000 CZK. Unused funds can be used by the student during the following semester.
4th-semester project (graduate project): Each student has a budget of 15000 CZK.
In the fourth semester, an additional amount of 15 000 CZK is set aside for each student to rent space for a graduate project.

Graduate projects realized in the theatre Disk are usually fully financed from the budget of the theatre Disk.

Rules for use of funds for a project

If you use funds from the MA DOT program or internal grants, and you will purchase materials or small services, always follow the instructions below: 

First, fill in the budget card, which can be downloaded here, and then send it to Funds cannot be drawn without a submitted Budget Card. 

Before you start shopping, make sure that the school does not already own the necessary materials or equipment and is not in its warehouses.
All requests for reimbursement of costs related to the creation of school projects must be substantiated by appropriate documents. 

If you want to buy food or drinks as consumables, always consult Jitka Nohová in advance. Purchases of alcohol, tobacco products, and fuels cannot be reimbursed in any way. 

Always consult the administrator of the PLATO rental system in advance when purchasing technical equipment (including cables, batteries, or light bulbs). 

All purchased material (including any unused materials ) and equipment is the property of the school. After finishing work on your project, store the purchased materials in the technology warehouse (room K 06) or in the material warehouse (R 109), but always in agreement with the relevant warehouse keeper. In the case of the purchase of technical equipment or other valuable material over CZK 1,000/piece, it is necessary to give the purchased goods an inventory number and specify the faculty employee who will be responsible for that.

Payments in cash or by your private credit card 

Always bring a receipt for shopping to Jitka Nohová no later than one month from the day when the purchase took place. Strict rules apply for the month of December - receipts will only be reimbursed until the 10th of December, not later in December or after the new year! The name of the shop/company must be stated on the receipt, including the address and ID number (in Czech IČO). If the receipt does not contain this information, ask the seller to stamp the receipt with this information. Jitka Nohová will reimburse you for the receipts right away, or she will arrange an appointment with you. It is also possible to receive a deposit from Jitka Nohová in advance.

Internet shopping 

When buying from e-shops, always choose cash on delivery and take care of taking over the goods yourself. When ordering, it is important to fill in the information like this: Billing address (Customer): Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Malostranské nám. 259/12, 118 00 Prague 1, IČ: 61384984, DIČ: CZ61384984 

Contact details: your name / telephone / e-mail 

Delivery address: fill in the address where you want to deliver the goods - if it will be the address of the faculty, do not rely on the gatekeeper to take over your goods, but take care of it yourself! 

If you do not provide a school billing address, it will be a private purchase and the goods will not be reimbursed to you! 

Payments by invoice 

If you plan to buy a service, rental, or anything else that is issued by invoice, you must first make an order. The order and invoice must be issued before the realization of service, rental, etc. Always agree with Jitka Nohová or Kristýna Jalůvková on a specific procedure in advance.

Remuneration and wage payments

It is also possible to pay rewards to your collaborators on the project, but not to AMU students. Student collaborators can receive credits for working on the project. Get more info from Kristýna Jalůvková about this possibility. When your headteacher agrees to pay you a salary or a financial reward to your co-workers, contact Jitka Nohová or Kristýna Jalůvková. Always well in advance.

Internal competition

Full name AMU Internal Competition, Heading 3: Students' creative work aimed at innovating educational activities is a project competition for DAMU students, where you can apply for funding to cover the costs of your project. It is usually announced twice a year - in February and October. You can obtain funds only for projects that you implement beyond the scope of your studies, ie not for final, semester, and graduate projects that are an output of the main and compulsory subjects. Projects that have an output in a given calendar year can be supported. If you are interested in this Competition contact Kristýna Jalůvková.

Space and Rooms


You can book rooms via your school Google account for rehearsal of your school projects. Detailed manual, how to do it, find here

Especially before Proces, it could be difficult to find a space for rehearsal so book it well in advance. In case of any problem contact Kristýna Jalůvková.

Map of KALD and detailed information about rooms you can here.

Personal lockers

Each student of KALD is entitled to their own personal locker. You can pick up the key in the R 209 office at the secretary Jitka Nohová. You will receive the key in exchange for a refundable deposit of 100 Kč. 

Students of master's programs, including the international MA DOT program, can choose one of the lockers located in the Master's study (R 406). 

You can use the locker to store personal belongings during the year and the holidays. After obtaining the necessary credits to complete your studies (120 ECTS for masters), you are obliged to return the keys to the locker to Jitka Nohová's secretaries.

Finally, a few links that can help you in the implementation of your projects and further self-education: