Opening hours during summer time and September (from 29 June to 25 September 2020)

1-26 June business as usual
29 June–3 July Mon–Fri 10 am–3 pm
7 July-14 August CLOSED
17–31 August Tue+Thu 10 am-1 pm

September Mon-Fri 10 am-2 pm (the reading room is closed)

Business as usual from Tuesday 29 September.

Prague, 12 June 2020
Mgr. Iveta Davidová, Ph.D., head of the library DAMU


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How to become a user
DAMU Library Council

How to become a user of the DAMU Library

The DAMU Library provides services chiefly to AMU students and teachers, although it is also accessible to the public according to its capacity and the rules stated in the Library and Lending Rules and their relevant Addenda.

Those interested (AMU teachers and students) in borrowing for use outside the library can register in each AMU faculty library. All they need is an AMU identity card. They will then be allocated a user category which specifies their particular rights. Registration is free of charge.
On registering the user must be acquainted with the Library and Lending Rules and their Addenda.

In some cases a security deposit is required for documents.

DAMU Library services

Lending outside the library (only for registered users)
- books, scripts

In-library study: (for every user according to capacity)
- CD, MC, CD ROMs, videocassettes, DVD, magazines, newspapers, qualifications work, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other books (including from the reference collection)
Other services:
reference, information, information on internal and external information resources per subject: consultation, research, bibliographies and annotations

Possibility to work independently with computer technology – only AMU students and employees have access to the network.

Sale of scripts:
In the library only for AMU students and teachers.

Other people should contact the AMU Publishing House.

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 10-17 h
Friday: 10-13 h

DAMU Library Catalogue

The DAMU Library

Karlova 26, Prague 1

Telephone numbers:
Lending desk: 234 244 213
Head: 234 244 228


Mgr. Iveta Davidová, Ph.D.

Head of the Library

Phone: 234 244 228
Contact detail
Bez obrázku

Mgr. Kristýna Froňková

Librarian (maternity leave)

Phone: 234 244 213
Contact detail
Bez obrázku

Mgr. Jiří Růžička


Phone: 234 244 213
Contact detail
Bez obrázku

MgA. Mgr. Simona Kysilková Šnajperková


Phone: 234 244 213
Contact detail
Bez obrázku


Guidelines for thesis submission

Guidelines for thesis submission, including access to the electronic identification form, licence agreement and manual are here.