The Election for the Academic Senate of DAMU and AMU


The AS AMU has two chambers, a pedagogical and a student chamber. It has a total of 15 members, each faculty is represented by 3 academic staff and 2 students. A voter can give a vote to a maximum of 3 academic staff and 2 student nominees.  

The AS DAMU has two chambers, a pedagogical and a student chamber. The members of the pedagogical chamber are elected from among the academic staff of DAMU. Members of the student chamber are elected from among the students of DAMU. The pedagogical chamber has 8 members, the student chamber has 5 members. A voter can give his/her vote to a maximum of 8 candidates for the pedagogical chamber and 5 candidates for the student chamber of DAMU. 

  • The list of candidates for the AS AMU and AS DAMU can be found HERE

The elections is taking place on 5. and 6 March 2024. 

Elections to the Academic Senate of DAMU and AMU will be held simultaneously in one term through electronic voting in the application, where voting will be possible on a computer, tablet or even mobile phone. 

  • Link to the electronic voting application HERE 

The voting application will be accessible to the members of the DAMU academic community after entering their login details (username and master password to the AMU network). In case you cannot remember your login details, please contact the faculty IT administrator Jakub Kavan ( ) as soon as possible. Please note that the login details cannot be renewed remotely electronically, but the personal presence of the person concerned at the faculty is required!! 

You will then be able to vote from 5 March at 8:00 am to 6 March at 7:00 pm via the electronic application. 

More information on how to vote, including detailed instructions, can be found HERE

Candidates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and answer questions from members of the academic community at the DAMU Academic and Staff, which will be held on 2/28 at 5:00 pm in ds DISK and ONLINE. Translations of the presentations of the candidates/theses will be provided for English speaking students. 

The election results will be published on the DAMU website (DAMU AS elections) and the AMU website (AMU AS elections) no later than 7 March.