Psychological support is provided by Mgr. et MgA. Martin Sedláček on the basis of a telephone or written order. The first three sessions (consultations) are free of charge, the following ones are paid by the client. 

The support is intended for all those who find themselves in a difficult personal situation that significantly affects their performance at DAMU. This applies in particular to the following areas:

  • study and work counselling (successful coping with study and workload, prevention of academic failure, prevention of burnout syndrome)
  • psychotherapeutic counselling (in the field of emotional problems and interpersonal relationships, interpersonal communication, self-assertion, coping with difficult situations)
  • crisis intervention
  • mediation of contact with other services (medical facilities, peer counselling, addiction counselling, etc.)


Mgr. et MgA. Martin Sedláček

Karlova 18
110 00 Prague 1

Tel: +420-603-152-223