In April of the year 2021, a student group called NE!MUSÍŠ TO VYDRŽET through an anonymous form asked students of the theatre faculties of DAMU and JAMU about their experiences with their studies. The collected answers give testimony and form a picture of the problematic inner world of (our) prestigious theatre schools. The testimonies were publicly read on Tuesday, June 29, 2021 at 6 pm in front of the entrance of DAMU in Charles Street. More information about the initiative, including a recording of the public performance, can be found on their website HERE .

Individual reflections by DAMU faculty and students:

Jiří Adámek

Jaroslav Jurečka

Marta Ljubková

Eva Kyselová

Hana Fischerová

Michal Syrový

Daniela Jobertová

Kristýna Täubelová