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The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU) is a modern, university-level art school. It is home to artistic personalities with a broad cultural perspective and an intense desire to pursue the oppor tunity to integrate theatrical knowledge and skill with artistic experiment. DAMU is a highly selective school, providing professional education in all branches of theatre: acting, directing, dramaturgy, scenography, theory and criticism, theatre management, authorial creativity and drama in education in the fields of regular and alternative theatre, performance studies and puppetry. The most prominent personalities of Czech theatrical life teach here and a number of distinguished foreign experts work as guest professors (including Charles Marowicz or Oleg Tabakov). Courses include bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral level studies. The school has strong connections abroad and actively encourages placements at various European universities. Studying at DAMU is a challenge for talented, creative, and determined individuals. DAMU alumni obtain prestigious positions at the foremost theatres in Czech Republic. They also go on to establish and act in independent companies, work as free-lance theatre ar tists, theatre reviewers, producers, teachers and/or authors in the broadest sense.