What to do in case of covid-19 develop at DAMU

At this point, let me summarize some general advice that you should follow if COVID-19 develop at DAMU:


  1. If you have found out that you have tested positive for coronavirus, please inform your department secretary (students and teachers), the DISK secretary (staff of the DISK Theatre) or the faculty secretary (Dean's Office staff). The departmental and DISK secretaries/secretaries will then share the information with the faculty secretary, who will ensure communication with the AMU administration. Please address the quaestions considering the communication with the health department with your doctor.
  2. A positive test for COVID-19 is personal and sensitive information that will be handled judiciously and will be disclosed only in those instances where the disclosure serves to directly protect the health of the recipients of such information.
  3. DAMU shall provide assistance to the infected person and the health department in tracing contacts. It shall do so in order to limit the risk of infection to persons who have come into contact with the infected person. The Secretary/Secretary shall contact the infected person (sensitively with regard to his/her condition), and obtain a list of people from DAMU with contact details (preferably mobile phone number) with whom the infected person has been in contact. The list is used both for communication of the infected person with the health station and for communication within DAMU.
  4. In general, the hygiene station favours vaccinated persons and persons who use nose and mouth protective equipment.
  5. For more current information, please visit the page HERE.
  6. Please also note that the information on this website will be updated continuously in connection with the dynamics of the epidemiological situation and changes in the legislative framework, including intra-university legislation.

Thank you all for respecting and complying with the current measures.

Mgr. Bc. Jan Sedláček, Secretary of DAMU

12. November 2021