12. listopadu 2022 10:00 -

13. listopadu 2022 17:00

Worshop s absolventkou anglického programu Katedry autorské tvorby a pedagogiky Margaret Hannon!

12. a 13. 11. od 10:00 do 17:00 na DAMU v Učebně R312 a ve Velkém tanečním sále!

Zájemci ze všech kateder vítáni, hlaste u Michaely Raisové (email: )

„For the workshop I would like to offer 2 prompts.

1. What is your dream? Remember that this is a dream and can be big. I want to share an article written by a teacher of mine Benjamin Mathes which will make this clearer.

2. Tell me of a story you are drawn to. This can be from your own experience but need not be. It must be something you are happy to share.

Stories have been my path to beginning my career. They have made my ‘themes’ clearer to me. While I was in Prague I worried that I was becoming too insular, focused on myself and not the world around me. Stories have been my way out of my head. This is what I would like to explore further in our workshop. From Katap I became comfortable in my own skin. And then I could face the world as an actor. From Isolation to integration!

Day one- I will start with an informal lecture based on my path post Katap focusing on how Katap applies. There will be time for discussion. Followed by a gentle physical session focused on orientation in all the senses, including the 6th sense. We will begin to look at how we might develop our stories in performance.

Day Two- we will start with movement. And work again on our stories. There will be time to write, devise, play with ways we might communicate the stories, and share them. Finally we will discuss our dreams.

And the Doing of them.“


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